Did I get your attention? Because it’s the truth.

Everybody wants to get naked. We all want that skin-to-skin contact.

When a child is first brought into this world, a nurse or a mid-wife will take the child and put the child on its mother’s breast or its mother’s chest. And the child will have its first skin-to-skin contact.

We crave it from childhood. And, as adults, it’s what we’re so afraid of.

We’re so afraid of good touch.

I’ve worked with so many people—many men, many women—and they’re so afraid to touch another person.

But yet, that’s what we all crave. We all crave to get naked.

Nothing feels better, when you get to touch somebody for the very, very first time.

The feel of their skin, gently caressing, gently touching, gently being caressed and gently being touched back.

Nothing feels better than to feel someone’s breath against your lips, kissing for the very, very first time.

Touch is an amazing thing. And we all crave that skin-to-skin contact.

We’re very primal in so many ways. We crave it. We need it. We deserve it. And we desire it. It is the one thing that most people are afraid to do, is to touch another person.

It’s the Halloween season right now. And when I went out tonight, I saw a lot of people in Halloween costumes.

A lot of women were dressed as the slutty nurse, slutty snow white, or French maids.

I always had a theory that people tend to dress as their alter ego. Women that dress as French maids just want to be naughty, sexually. Men that dress as women, deep down inside are probably gay.

So, really what it comes down to is, when you look at people in their Halloween costumes, you look at them going on, wearing their slutty little costumes, acting like their alter ego character; they’re all doing it for one reason and one reason only, they desire skin-to-skin contact. And they desire to get naked with somebody.

So, if you’ve already done your Halloween thing over the weekend, then you might have to wait until next Halloween to dress up as your alter ego.

But, if you haven’t already gone out for Halloween, go out as your alter ego. And hopefully, you get some serious skin-to-skin contact that you deserve.

We all just crave being naked.