As some of you may (or may not) know, I’ve recently been looking for a car. Looking for a car is fun – at least in my world.

Surfing the Internet, checking prices and lowballing people are all fun to me. I mean, you never know who may say yes to one of those lowball offers.

What amazes me, though, is that no matter how many times I sent a lowball offer, that almost no one came back with another offer. I would estimate that out of every ten lowball offers I made, MAYBE one person would even call me back to talk about it. Yes, one out of ten!

If someone lowballs me, I get back to them right away because it truly means that they are a buyer and that they’re ready to buy. People have no follow-up skills at all. It’s amazing.

So the other day, I finally did buy a car. I bought a used BMW from Max at Beverly Hills BMW. Not only was my experience fantastic, but he actually got back to me quickly and found the car I wanted. The whole deal got done in a matter of a half-hour (and it was a great deal too by the way).

No matter what you do in life, being professional is really important. Some people are just so unprofessional and have no follow-up skills. None.

How many times has someone with whom you were thinking about going out on a date called you, and you didn’t get back to them? Then four days later, you realized you never got back to them and knew that by that time it was too late.

Life is about following up — whether it’s in dating, buying a car or in any other area of your life. If someone contacts you, you follow up with them.

You don’t make them wait. You get back to them in a timely manner. You are friendly when you speak to them. These are attributes of a great salesman.

It’s amazing, though, how many people are bad at the simple things. I am sure the same people who didn’t follow up on my lowball offers are complaining right now about the lack of money coming in this month.

Without follow-up skills, you will not make money. Without follow-up skills, you will not have a great dating life. Plain and simple: life is always about following up.

No matter how busy I am, I will always follow up with people. Always.

So if any of you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a great deal on a BMW, I suggest you contact Max at Beverly Hills BMW. Not only will he follow up with you, but he will also make your buying experience a great one.