Its Saturday and I thought all of you could use a great laugh to start your weekend!!!

Many times people who are dating on the internet are absolutely terrified to see the person in real life. You never know if the person is going to look like their photo. You hope that they do, but many times they don’t.

I have a rule of thumb about internet dating: pick out the worst photo of the four or five that they post, and assume that this is how they actually look. If they look any better than their worst photo, then that’s great. That’s better than being disappointed!

It’s tough getting really excited about somebody on the internet and then meeting them to find that they look nothing like their photo. So I’d like to introduce a new form of dating to you: drive-by dating.

Here it is: you met somebody on the internet, maybe you’ve chatted on the phone with them for ten or 15 minutes, but you’re not quite sure about them. Perhaps they’ve intrigued you a little bit, but you don’t really know yet.

So what do you do? You download one of their photos, you print it out and tape it to your dashboard. Make an agreement that the two of you are going to drive by each other and check each other out.

Pick a busy street – for example, in LA I live near San Vicente Boulevard – and then plan to drive by each other in an intersection. If you like each other, you make a U-turn and you hang out! If you don’t like each other, you just keep driving along.

It’s drive-by dating! It’s the hottest new thing. Now you don’t have to invest any time in a coffee shop talking to each other, and you certainly don’t have to waste any time at dinner swapping life stories that you’ve already told 100 other people.

In this way you can figure out if you are attracted to somebody. It always comes down to the carnal: are you attracted to each other or not?

So I think that from now on, when it comes down to internet dating, instead of coffee, suggest a drive-by date! Make a decision of where you are going to drive by each other. Text each other: “I’m at the intersection of San Vicente and Barrington, and I’m about to drive by you.”

You wave, you look at each other and you do a Siskel and Roeper: thumbs up or thumbs down. If it’s thumbs up, make a U-turn and go meet at Starbucks. If not, no time wasted!

So there you have it. That’s how I think you should conduct your internet dating. It’s called drive-by dating.

Todays video is the truth behind what women really think when they see you on the street.

Have a great Saturday!