Alright all you Tom Brady haters, get it out right now.

Get it out. Spew your venom. Tell the world how much you hate Tom Brady.

Tell the world he cheats.

Tell the world you hate Bill Belichick.

Go ahead, tell the world you hate Brady because he voted for Donald Trump, the anti-Christ.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand haters at all. It never made any sense to me. I don’t hate somebody I don’t know.

I don’t know Tom Brady, I’ve never met Tom Brady. I’ve never met Bill Belichick. I’ve never met Donald Trump. I can’t hate somebody that I don’t know.

You see, I was always taught to respect people for what they stand for and what they think. Doesn’t mean I need to be friends with that.

It just means that they have an opinion.

That’s how I’ve always looked at things. All you haters out there, the ones that are still hating that Trump is president. The ones that are still hating Tom Brady even after the probably the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl. Go ahead, hate him.

I don’t hate him at all, I admire the guy.

Are you kidding me? I got to watch the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL orchestrate the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl.

I get to watch somebody stand on the sidelines down by 25 points looking unphased.

I get to watch somebody work the clock like a magician taking his team all the way back.

I get to watch somebody full of emotion play a game that he absolutely loves at the age of 39. I don’t hate him at all. I admire somebody who’s great at what they do.

I watched the Superbowl and I watched Belichick and Brady and I get inspired by what they do. I get inspired by watching the best. I feel honored that I get to sit there and live in a time where I got to watch the best quarterback/coach combination in the history of the NFL.

I can learn from them.

I can learn from their confidence, I can learn from the fact that they feel unstoppable.

I can learn lessons from that. I don’t hate, I embrace.

As I was sitting there watching that game, I was watching the greatest comeback. I was watching human beings in the heat of battle out-duel one another.

There was a scene when they showed a split screen of Belichick standing there, and Dan had come to the Falcons, both standing on the sideline. Belichick with his menacing grin on his face looking like he was going to win another game even though he was still down by 16 points.

Dan Quinn looked like he was going to shit in pants.

Because we’ve all seen this many times before, it doesn’t matter how much time is left on the clock. If you get Tom Brady five seconds, he seems to always make it down to the three-yard line and has an opportunity to win the game.

I didn’t want the game to end. It was so inspiring. As a matter of fact, in the pool, I was at 8 1/6.

$200 was coming my way if the Patriots scored and did not get the two-point conversion.

As I was sitting there, I looked at my friends and said I don’t want this to end. I love winning $200. Matter of fact, I love winning the pool.

I did not want the game to end. I did not want this game to end. I wanted to see overtime, I wanted to see Brady march down the field, I wanted to see the whole thing end the way it ended. They knew the Patriots would get the coin toss.

So did everybody in the room and I said I’m giving up my $200. They’re going to go in, they’re going to get the two-point conversion, and we’re going to see overtime in the Superbowl, and we’re going to watch Brady win in overtime.

Don’t hate, admire. Admire that you’ve got to watch the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL play during your lifetime. So what if he voted for Trump? So what if his views don’t agree with yours? You’re not his friend, you don’t need to hang out with him at all. You just need to admire the fact that he is the greatest quarterback to ever play a game of football.