I’ve got a video for you today that you will not believe.

It’s going to seriously make you think about some of the things that you’ve done and some of the things you do.

I was recently in Miami with my brother, just connecting, going on a little boys’ trip.

Well, not really little boys, but actual men.

There are a couple things I realized when I left Miami.

One: I never want to go back to Miami Beach again.

It’s just all the people that go to Vegas go to Miami Beach, and I don’t even go to Vegas. I’m just not into partying, loud music and everybody with their phone in their face 24/7 taking selfies.

selfiesAnd that’s the second thing I realized – everybody is so obsessed with selfies.

How many pictures do we actually need of ourselves?

Who are we sending all of these pictures to and why are we so obsessed with selfies?

Why do we need to constantly be updating people about how we look or how we feel? Why do we do this on social media?

Selfie Obsession

What you’re going to see in this video, to me, is unbelievable. It’s something that I just think is really plaguing the dating world; it’s a big reason for why we’re not meeting people.

I’m going to set the scene before you watch the video.

It was a beautiful day. We’re talking 90 degrees, the sun is out, humidity isn’t that bad. The music at the pool is great.

Equal number of men and women at the pool of all ages. People you can meet, hook up with, talk to, have fun with.

The majority of women that were in the pool that day actually brought their phones in with them. So they continued to text, look at something, hang out with somebody who’s on the other end of the phone. People are obsessed with their phones.

I looked at my brother and said, “I’m going to go upstairs,” because there was one particular girl that was driving me nuts. She was dancing in the pool with her phone. I went up to my room. I just walked to my room. It was on the seventh floor.

I went up to my room and when I came back down, she was still dancing in the pool with her phone.

So I shot this video; you’ll be amazed at what happens at the end of it.

Forget the Selfies and Live Life

I’m not going to tell you exactly what she does at the end, but I shot two separate videos of her. One was when she was in love with her phone. The other was when she decided to put it down.

You’re going to realize when she puts down her phone, some life actually started happening. It’s all on video for you and I hope it’s something that will make you laugh and inspire you to put your phone down.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to put down my phone a lot more because I hate missing life. There’s nothing on this little screen that is really making me a better person. Life is about connecting, swimming in the hot sun, having a great time poolside in Miami. Check it out. You’ll be amazed.