You put ads up on Craigslist for products that you’re selling.

Maybe you’re selling a used television, maybe a car, maybe a toaster.

But you don’t use your real name or professional e-mail address because you’re afraid that somebody can track you through it.

Maybe your real name is Bob Gates, but your e-mail is something like

So now nobody knows whom they’re even dealing with. And with each email it’s just kind of like one sentence here, one sentence there.

It’s all so anonymous. It’s all so mysterious.

It’s all so fucking paranoid.

When I put up on ad on Craigslist—whether I’m selling furniture or a car—I’ve got my e-mail ( on the listing.

I say ‘thanks’ and sign off with my real name. I even leave a signature for my website in each email.

I’m always marketing. I also want people to know what I do for a living. But even if I didn’t, it’s all about connecting with people. You never know who’s at the other end of that e-mail.

So if you’re hiding behind a nickname like StarFlamer and you don’t close your emails with your real name, then what you’re basically telling the world is: I’m scared to death of people, I’m insecure, and I’d rather be an anonymous person.

But let me tell you: better deals go to people who don’t hide behind Internet handles.

That’s all.

David Wygant, Internationally respected dating and relationship coach, signing off.