Don’t Be That Guy By David Wygant

During a recent bootcamp we had an open Roundtable spill your guts talk on the type of man everyone wanted to become.

In order to do that we needed to go over what every man did not want to be anymore!

This is a transcript of that discussion.

After reading this join in and tell everyone what type of man or woman you never want to be again!!

David: Okay there are a couple of things that you need to realize when you are out there trying to meet women. When you’re out there trying to meet women, you don’t want to be a certain type of guy.

It’s always the guy that women smell out, women see – women fear – and you don’t want to be him. Who is he?

Number one, don’t be that old guy standing in a club on a Friday or Saturday night standing in the corner with a drink in his hand and not talking to anybody – don’t be that guy.

The second guy is what, Brad?

Brad: Don’t be the guy that has absolutely nothing to fucking say!

David: Don’t be the guy that just stands there, and never has anything to say. Don’t just stare at a woman without saying a word.

Also, don’t be that guy that is hovering in the corner of a clothing store and pretending to shop when you’re not really shopping. You’re just staring at girls and you’re not really talking. Don’t be that guy.

Tom: Don’t be that guy who has the serial killer look in his eyes.

David: You know that serial killer look guy – the one that looks like he hasn’t had sex in quite some time – you don’t want to be that guy.

What else, Neil, what other guy?

Neil: Don’t be that guy that women go to only to discuss their feelings and talk to him about other people.

David: That’s right, don’t be the guy that’s always the friend – the guy that just sits there and tries to problem solve all of your girl friend’s feelings, emotions, and fights with her friends. You’re not one of her friends. Your name is not Amy, your name is Abe, or Al – don’t be that guy.

Richard, what else?

Richard: Don’t be that guy that thinks too much.

David: Don’t be the guy that thinks too much – the guy that sees a woman and stands there debating for ten minutes, and by the time you’re ready to make the approach, she’s nine minutes away from you. Don’t be that guy.

Jared, don’t be that guy…

Jared: Don’t be that guy that hovers and vultures around her like she’s prey, looking for the right moment to go for it.

David: Teras, what guy don’t you ever want to be again?

Teras: The kiss-ass – the one that thinks that if he buys the girl enough presents and knick-knacks that somehow she’ll want to suck his dick later.

David: Ray, what guy don’t you ever want to be again?

Ray: I don’t want to be the interrogator anymore – the one that keeps asking questions over and over again when she’s not responding.

David: Alright. Patrick, what guy do you never want to be again?

Patrick: The anti-social jerk that commands everybody.

David: What do you mean by commands everybody?

Patrick: I used to be in the Army, so I order everyone around.

David: So you mean that you order everybody around but you don’t really talk to them, right?

Patrick: Right – that was just the way that I interacted with everybody, on a very commanding level, and at some point I figured out that people don’t follow commands, they follow good feelings. So if you give them good feelings, they’ll follow you more.

David: Joel, don’t be that guy…

Joel: Well I tend to be not sensitive enough to people’s feelings – I don’t smile enough, I don’t connect enough with people emotionally, and I tend to be very matter-of-fact.

David: And don’t be impatient. Don’t be the guy that starts a conversation with a girl and if you don’t think you’re getting every clue within the first ten seconds, you walk away. Don’t be that guy either.

Anthony, what kind of guy don’t you ever want to be again?

Anthony: Oh, Mr. Wishy-washy Nice Guy who always gets put in the friend zone.

Brad: And how do you get put in the friend zone?

Anthony: Always trying to come to the rescue, always trying to help them with every little thing, trying to be Mr. Fix It, always being too nice, always being a penis!

David: So basically you don’t want to be the walking penis, right? You want to be the thrusting penis, not the walking penis.

Rick, what guy don’t you ever want to be again?

Rick: The quiet person who never escalates or has confrontations. The guy who is too friendly, too scared of hurting other people’s feelings.

David: Don’t be the guy that plays it safe.