Yes sir! Yes Ma’am!

One time, I went to a seminar where all the guy leading the seminar wanted the audience to do was to say “Yes!” over and over again. No matter what the seminar leader said, he expected the audience to respond to with just one word: Yes!

You don’t ever want to be a “yes man” (or a “yes woman”). Why are you saying yes? Why are people “yes men” or “yes women?”

The reason is that they are insecure. They actually feel like nobody wants them, so when they find someone with whom to have a relationship, they agree with everything.

They’re so afraid to rock the boat. They’re so afraid that if they don’t say yes to everything that they’re going to lose this person and never have a chance at another relationship again.

Unfortunately they are unaware of one thing. The truth is that nobody wants to be with a “yes man” (or a “yes woman”).

It drives me crazy to be around these kind of people. I have friends who are “yes men,” and have been stuck in conversations like this:

DW: “Do you want Thai food?”
YesMan: “Yes.”
DW: “How about Mexican food?”
YesMan: “Sure.”
DW: What do you want to eat?
YesMan: “I want whatever you want.”

I really can’t stand it.

Stand up for yourself, have an opinion on things and don’t be afraid to communicate. People will respect you more.

I never respect “yes people.” If someone yes’s me to death, I don’t respect them because they don’t feel like my equal.

Everyone is each other’s equal. So if you feel like you’ve been a “yes man” or a “yes woman” in relationships, then it’s time for you to start saying the magic word: No!

These are two letters you need to learn — “n” and “o.” Use them. Be one with “no.”