I know how awesome it is to be able to sit across a great man with a great glass of wine, some good food, good service…

And have that wining and dining experience.

But the thing is, most of you don’t wine and dine this way.

Most of you will sit across from a close friend…

You’ll order some appetizers, maybe a cocktail or three…

And then you’ll began to complain about your dating life and about how you’re not meeting any quality men, and how you want to meet somebody great and get married and finally quit dating.

Your friend will chime in, tell you that you’re a wonderful catch, and then they’ll start complaining about their relationship, or complaining about their lack of a social life.

That’s what “whining and dining” really is these days: two people who sit down and complain to each other over cocktails and appetizers, with the subject often being their shitty dating lives.

It’s time to wake up!

The next time you whine and dine, actually listen to yourself. Listen to the way you’re complaining, listen to the way you’re talking.

And know, that to men, it’s a major turnoff to hear.

I understand that women love to talk, and for you it often helps get frustrations off your chest.

But there is a huge difference between light venting, and being that woman that just complains about her life, gets bitter about men, and never does anything to improve herself.

So I strongly suggest the next time you begin to complain, think about your life and think about all of the things you could do to improve your dating and relationships.

I don’t live for complaints; I live for truth.

And the truth is you have complete control over meeting men. You—WOMEN—are in the driver’s seat.

You’re in the power position.

So don’t “whine and dine”—take control. Men everywhere are waiting.