What is it about men and doctors? Do all men believe that they’re Superman? Really, what is it?

I had a friend who died of a heart attack who, supposedly, hadn’t been to see a doctor for years. I knew someone else who died of cancer after ignoring a lump for months.

What is it with men and doctors? Do we think nothing will ever happen to us if we don’t go to a doctor?

My own brother didn’t have health insurance, and he is close to 40 years old. I don’t get it.

I mean, I am someone who goes to the doctor every year. I get a physical. I get a complete blood panel done. I make sure I’m okay.

It’s called preventative medicine for a reason. How do you know if there is anything wrong with you unless you go? Many times, things can be caught early enough so that you don’t have any major problems.

Look, nobody likes a finger up their ass, or likes a tube up their ass to get their colon checked. Nobody likes a lot of the things that doctors do, but it’s by going to the doctor that you can prevent really bad things happening to you.

Now don’t mistake what I’m saying. I am totally holistic. I take my herbs. I do a lot of preventative things on my own, but not because I am thinking I am going to get something.

I do that because our health and our bodies are all we have. It’s unbelievable how many men don’t get that until they hit 40.

So many men spend their entire 20s and 30s thinking they don’t need to go to a doctor. Women, on the other hand, undergo having their feet in stirrups as they get scraped and prodded.

Men are not Superman. Guys that I know who have had health problems over the last year – they all tought they were Superman too. They never thought anything bad could happen to them.

So if you are one of these guys, ask yourself why you do this. If you’re a guy and this blog resonates with you, then get your ass to the doctor and get some blood work done.

Virtually everything can be prevented. This is an open letter not for the people I know who have been diagnosed with something after not going to the doctor soon enough, but for those people reading this who think they are Superman.

You are not Superman. Get your ass to the doctor. Get your yearly physical.

Get health insurance if you don’t have it. If you cannot afford health insurance, eliminate from your life what you need to in order for you to be able to afford it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re Superman. Take care of yourself!