dating rulesAre you waiting for the pied piper to come so you can follow him into the water?

When you were in high school, did you always follow the popular kids and do whatever they did, even though you didn’t really like them?

If your boss told you to jump off a cliff, would you actually do it?

Do you follow all rules?

If everybody’s wearing low-cut jeans and it doesn’t look good on you, do you wear them anyway?

If women started wearing seven-inch pumps with goldfish at the bottom, would you wear them, following all the trends?

How about if women just shaved their heads like Sinead O’Connor used to, would you do it?

Probably not!

Yet all the time I talk to women who do exactly what they’re told, and follow all the dating “rules” they hear about in the media.

A woman recently wrote to me and said…

“Dear David,

I’ve been reading all your emails. They all make so much sense. I understand so much more about how men think, and about why they often don’t approach even when they look interested. The hardest thing for me is dealing with it when a man suddenly goes cold, and doesn’t contact us.

I always feel empty and hurt. I’ve heard so many people say we shouldn’t have any contact when a man dumps us, but it’s so hard when you want to try to make things work, or find out what went wrong.

All these rules and games make it hard for a woman to have any control.

All the best,


David says…

Lori, why do you want to play so many games in your life? Do you want to follow all these rules that were made up by lord knows who, or do you want to create your own rules in life?

You see, we only live once. That’s it. Whatever you’re doing right now, is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in your life at this moment. All these rules the “experts” come up with make me laugh. A man tells you he doesn’t want to be with you so you have to break all contact?

That’s ridiculous. Who writes this stuff? I’ve heard it so many times before though. When a man dumps you, you’re supposed to have no contact with him at all. That way one day, he’ll wake up and realize how much he misses you. I learned that “trick” when I was young. I remember when Holly Strauss dumped me. I put “The Seeds Of Love” on my answering machine.

The plan was I wouldn’t call her at all. That way she’d call me and hear “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” by Tears For Fears on my answer phone. I was convinced once she heard that she’d want to be with me. What happened? I met someone else, she met someone else, and we’re all living happily ever after.

Playing Dating Games Doesn’t Work!

All you need is control. Control means you do what you want, when you want. You want to find out why a man didn’t call you back, you call him yourself and ask him. If a guy breaks off your relationship and you want to know why, call him and find out. If you see a great looking man in a coffee shop, you can smile and say hello. You have control. You don’t need to follow any rules.

Sure, it stings when someone hurts you, but they’ve done you a favor. They prevented you from getting involved in a bad relationship with an emotionally challenged individual. It’s time to flip your switch and change your mindset. Change the way you do things, and take control of your life, because this is the only life you have. Why wouldn’t you want total control over it?

I just don’t understand it. Stop living by rules, and stop playing games. Live life your way, and create your own rules. Right now, write down your own rulebook of how you’re going to do things from now on. I dare you to do that today. If you want, comment below and share your plan. How are you going to change your rules? How are you going to ditch the games? I want to see it, I want to hear it, and I want to read it!

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