zig zag lifeMost of you already know I dictate my blogs.

I do it when I’m driving around Los Angeles. It’s one of the most frustrating things you can possibly do. As I’m driving around today, I was watching a car in front of me going down Venice Boulevard. It was a black Mercedes E350 and he was zig-zagging through the traffic.

Venice Boulevard is one of the few places in Los Angeles you can actually travel around 40 miles an hour. I was watching him cutting everyone off, yet by the time we got to the light at Englewood Blvd, he was the first car and I was the third.

All the stress, all the danger, all the trouble he could have caused trying to get somewhere faster than anyone else. As I’m driving down Venice, I was looking at the trees and noticed they were in full bloom. I was checking out what people were wearing. I was noticing other cars.

I couldn’t do anything to get anywhere faster. I wasn’t going to zig. I wasn’t going to zag. I knew I’d get to the light about the same time as Mr. Mercedes-Benz E350. And it made me think…

How Many of You Live Life by the Zig-Zag Principle?

What’s the zig zag principle?

It’s where you’re always trying to get somewhere so fast, you miss all the opportunities around you. The key to life is realizing we’re eventually going to get where we need to go.

So if you’re Mr. Mercedes E350, you might make it to your destination two minutes quicker than some other people. But you’ll get there with lots of stress and you won’t be present, because you’re constantly thinking about the next zig-zag place to go.

The people that just kind of go with the flow, the people that notice things, don’t live the Zig-Zag principle of life. When you live by the Zig-Zag principle you’re always in a rush. You’re in a rush when you’re in the market and you zig-zag past everyone looking for the right milk. You’re in such a hurry you miss the chance to connect with someone new.

Listen to this again carefully…

You are going to get where you’re supposed to be. You’ll always get where you’re destined to be. Start enjoying the journey more than worrying about the destination. You’ll enjoy life so much more and you won’t feel stressed all the time. It’s the power of the present. This is a magical journey, but you won’t enjoy it if you’re always thinking about the next thing you need to do.

If you’re always thinking of the next thing, the next place, or the next person, you’re never going to enjoy the moment. That… my friend… is nothing but a waste of your life!

Stop zig-zagging through life!