Do you remember that great song by Rupert something – the Piña Colada song? “Do you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain?”

I listened to it the other day when I was driving around. It’s about a guy who is basically bored in his relationship and puts out a personal ad. His ad says, “do you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain? If you’re not into health food and like the taste of champagne,” or something like that. “Do you like making love at midnight…” blah blah blah… whatever might be.

But what is really funny about it is that the internet is just full of personal ads. We’re all searching for somebody that fits our personal ad. Have you gone to, or Yahoo personals, or any of the other websites, and read what the opposite sex is looking for?

This is great research. If you want to learn about the opposite sex, and learn about what is important to them, just sign up for a dating site for three days. Search the opposite sex’s ads – forget about the pictures. Don’t even look at the pictures. This isn’t Maxim magazine or Cosmo – just read the profiles. Read what people say in their profiles. Look at what they are talking about.

You can learn so much about the opposite sex by reading profiles. Spend an hour or two every single night reading profiles. Read about what people say about themselves, and read about what they are looking for. Read everything.

This way you will learn about the opposite sex, and you will learn what they are looking for. You will also start to understand them more. A lot of the problem is that men and women don’t understand each other; and they don’t do enough research to begin to even begin to understand one another.

So do some research. Instead of trying to meet the opposite sex – research the opposite sex!

Recently I told a client that he needed to learn women. Go to a coffee shop, bring a newspaper, and sit down next to two women chatting. Learn how to speak woman-talk. If you want to learn about men, sit down next to two men at a café and listen to them talk to each other.

Listen to the opposite sex interacting with each other. Then you can learn how to communicate better with the opposite sex.

Worst-case scenario: you can always post a personal ad titled “Do you like piña coladas!”

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