Are you dating somebody who stares at you with a totally blank expression every time you bring something up about a book you’re reading, or whenever you start to talk about news and world events? Is the last thing that the person you’re dating has read The National Inquirer or Star Magazine?

I am using the term “read” loosely here. Some people’s definition of “reading” is very different than mine.

The other day Rey and I were talking about a woman we know who said her last read was “magazine pictures.” That got us thinking about something very funny — Are there people who really do refuse to educate themselves and when they have reading material, and the only “reading” they do is to look at the pictures?

I can picture it now (no pun intended). These people have books all over their house, and the only part of them they have ever looked at are the covers.

Can’t you hear them now? “Didn’t Fabio look good on this cover today?” “Oh my God, Did you see the pretty boats on that book cover today?” They don’t want to read beyond looking at the book cover.

Have you dated anybody about whom you wonder if the last book they read cover to cover was “See Spot Run” (and you’re not even too confident about that)? “Magazine cover” people are interesting . . .