Addictive personalityAre you an addictive personality?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman. What an amazing actor. He was probably one of the best actors ever. Name one role Hoffman didn’t kill it or crush it in. He was always amazing whatever character he played. When he was on screen, you couldn’t take your eyes of him. Now he’s no longer here.

He supposedly had a heroin addiction. He cut it out his life for 20 years, and then got re-addicted again. They found him dead the other day, with a heroin needle still in his arm. He had everything to live for from what we know. Three kids, an amazing career, people around the world who adored his work, yet he still couldn’t beat the addiction.

That’s why I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life. I’ve never been a cigarette smoker, I’ve never been attracted to long-term use of alcohol, or drugs of any kind. I haven’t lived the life of a choirboy either. I used to drink a lot and smoke pot. I’ve done my share of drugs, but I wasn’t addicted to them. I’ve seen people who were addicts and it’s not a pretty thing.

I remember when I was bartending in New York, and all the alcoholics would come in night after night. Watching their addiction was scary. I remember watching all the smokers. It’s funny now when you see a smoker on an airplane. They chew at their fingernails. They almost lose their minds because they’re so addicted to nicotine.

Alcohol can kill you. Cigarettes will kill you. But I don’t think anything could be as scary as a heroin addiction or a meth addiction. Those powerful addictions cause so many deaths worldwide. I want you to look at your life today, because every time somebody famous dies, we all at it and say, “That’s so sad. He was amazing.”

But do we ever use their death to inspire us, or look at ourselves and the way we live. Maybe some of you are addicted to drugs yourself. Maybe some of you are even addicted to heroin. Maybe you’re addicts in some other way. Maybe you just have an addictive personality. It’s time to reach out to yourself.

It’s so important to reach out to yourself and make changes now. Maybe you have a friend with a drink or drug problem. Don’t let people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman die in vain. Make sure you reach out to someone in trouble. Reach out to someone having a tough time. It sucks when someone who inspires people dies, but what really sucks is how it doesn’t change anything.

Addiction is serious and can’t be cured alone. Usually addicts go to get help from rehab or similar places. Even then the lure of addiction is there. So look at Hoffman’s movies. They’re amazing. Embrace the man he was. Look at your own life and see if you need to help yourself or someone close to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to cigarettes, drugs, porn, whatever. All addictions have the power to ruin your life. It’s time to get motivated, so you never have to deal with a Phillip Seymour Hoffman disaster in your own life.