Anti Valentines1Warning! Warning!

Do not do a single approach until February 15th.


Because you’re going to set yourself up to fail. Let’s say in the next couple of days you fall in love (Hey miracles do happen you know!)…

You guys have an amazing date right away. You feel great. It’s just one of those magical moments. You wake up and it’s February 13th. You have a day to fail!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Women’s favorite holiday of the year and men’s worst nightmare. We had our Valentine’s Day when the Seahawks kicked the Broncos ass. We brought each other gifts of pretzels, chips, and popcorn and we had a blast. But if you meet a woman in the next day or so, all her friends will want to know what her new guy got her for Valentine’s Day. Even though you’ve only known her 48 hours before Valentine’s Day, you’re under pressure you don’t need. So, it’s only a couple of days until Valentine’s. I suggest you take a break from approach for a couple of days.

Call it a mini vacation from women, and watch some good movies. I saw Captain Phillips the other night. It’s a great flick. Ignore all women for the next few days. If a woman smiles at you, run away. Because if you happen to make a connection between now and Friday it’s going to cost you money and hassle.

I remember one time I was living with a woman in New York. I totally forgot it was Valentine’s Day because I was working. So on my way home I found a guy that was selling stuffed animals. I brought a teddy bear in a plastic bag. I gave him the five the five bucks and dashed off. I came home, my golden retriever attacked me and wrestled the bear out of my hands. I looked at my girlfriend and said, “This was for you for Valentine’s Day.”

She grabs it out the dog’s mouth and smells it. Apparently, whoever got these teddy bears got them from a basement where rats must have pee’d on them because it smelt like urine. The dog loved it, but my girlfriend wasn’t impressed!

“All you got me for Valentine’s Day was a teddy bear that smells of pee?”

That was it. I was done. So don’t meet women for the next couple of days. Stay at home. Hang out with friends. Play video games. I’m giving you permission to take a break from women. OK, guys, I hope you’ve been paying attention, and I don’t want to hear any approaching stories for the next couple of days.  You have been warned!