How many of you have dating agendas?

How many of you literally walk around with an agenda of the type of man you want? Do you pre-plan the way a date needs to turn out? Do you know exactly how your perfect relationship needs to look?

Let me tell you something…

When you date with an agenda it makes it impossible to find love, because you start trying to piece together the perfect man and perfect relationship. True love doesn’t come with an agenda. True love has to happen naturally or it won’t happen at all.

When you date with an agenda you’re setting yourself and the guy up to fail. When you date with an open heart, you meet people without an agenda or perfect template. Men have flaws. So do you. We all do. So do our relationships. And that’s the beauty of love. It’s beautiful to learn about each other, and to love and adore each other despite our flaws and imperfections.

Until you drop your dating agenda, you’ll never meet that amazing man you deserve. Today’s video is all about dating agendas, and how to drop yours so you can be free to find love! Check it out. Oh, and If you want to know the proven formula to make a man feel like he just can’t live without you and beg you for a commitment, go read this now.