gold digging womenSo today, I’m on the treadmill with my friend John at the gym. We were completely surrounded by a bunch of women, and each of these women had gigantic rocks on their fingers. I mean these rocks were the size of down payments on most desirable homes in the United States. As we’re working out, we started to hear some of their conversations. They were bitching about everything from life, through to why things were annoying them at home, and why they didn’t have enough time to do the things they wanted.

Meanwhile, none of these women had jobs. They’re all just privileged. There’s some man footing the bill. So why were these women so upset? There was so much traffic this morning that they didn’t have time to get their hair done in Hollywood, AND go to the gym.

Are you serious?

I’d love a woman to put a man rock on my finger so I can run around the gym for three hours a day, and then go get my hair done. The difference is I don’t think I’d be complaining about how shi#’y my life is because I don’t have to lift a finger. It amazes me how some women have this sense of entitlement, just because they’re women and because maybe they’re attractive. Just because you’re attractive, you don’t have to work?

You know what? I think it’s these women’s goal too. They come to these cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, London, wherever the money might be, and their only goal is to find a man to keep them. They don’t want to work. They don’t want to get their hands dirty. All they want to do is find some sucker who’s going to give them a lifestyle they’d never have on their own, and then they bitch and complain about it.

Why don’t they try to work a little bit themselves? I know it’s probably work to sleep with a guy you’re not attracted to just because he has money. I know its work to carry a gigantic rock on your finger all the time. But it amazes me when I see women like this with that sense of entitlement. When did being attractive and female suddenly mean you deserve to have a massive rock and a man to foot the bill for your extravagant lifestyle?

Why Do Men Put Up With Gold Diggers?

To be honest, I have no respect for men who date gold diggers. That’s not love. It’s a business arrangement. They’re not in a relationship. They’re in a business partnership. I’ll tell you something, I’m all about hard work, and working to build things. I respect everyone for the journey they’re on, but when I see takers and complainers doing things like this, I have no patience for it at all.

If you’re going to live that kind of lifestyle then earn it yourself. Don’t just go and use some guy who probably hasn’t had a woman in his life for years to give it to you. Think about it. This guy is probably starting to develop feelings for you, and all you’re doing is taking him for a ride and taking his cash.

Take an inventory of your life. Make a decision about the things you’re grateful for. When you’re grateful, you’ll find even more amazing things come into your life. Be appreciative of all you have. Thank the people that gave you the life you have. Thank the career that means you can afford beautiful things. Be grateful for life. I don’t get angry often, but it really gets to me when I see people bitching who have everything handed to them and they’re still not happy.

What’s your take on this? Are the men who put up with women like this just as much to blame? Don’t these women disrespect the sacrifices made by all the strong women who fight for equality? Or would everyone take what they could get given half the chance?