There are two things that I truly believe in life:

  1. To remain consistent, and
  2. To truly live an authentic life.

You must be truthful about who you are.

I know we live in a society now where we can be a super hero versions of ourselves and post ridiculous comments on Facebook and other places to make us larger than life, better than we are.

I know online dating. Most people lie, post pictures of themselves that are younger, skinnier, whatever it might be.

But, the only way you will ever grow is if you’re truthful about yourself.

All the time, you meet somebody and tell them you used to be something.

I used to be successful.

I used to be really thin.

I used to be happier.

I used to take care of myself and eat healthy.

But yet, the person you are right now is none of the above.

The other person believes you. But, the question is: are you really being truthful about what you used to be?

We have this ridiculous habit as human beings to manufacture the past.

We like to change the past in a lot of different ways.

We like to change up the past in relationships. Sometimes we romanticize the past. We think we should be with somebody that we used to be with. We remember only the good, but not the bad. Not the truth.

And, we do the same thing with ourselves.

For instance, you may have never been in great shape your entire life, and yet, compared to how you are now, you used to be in great shape. You understand where the dysfunction works in this manner.

Taking this as an example, maybe you’re not in good physical condition. Maybe you’re overweight, maybe you’re muscles are not toned. Whatever it might be.

But, you’ve got this illusion of who you used to be.

You used to be in great shape, but now, you’re not.

You might have been in great shape compared to how you are now, but if you go back to then, were you truly in great shape. Did you truly have a good bicep muscles, chest muscles? Was your ass rock hard?

The answer probably lies somewhere in between where you are now and this supposed great shape you were once in.

It’s the illusion of who we truly are.

A more aware person, a more honest person.

Somebody who is authentically themselves and wants to grow will phrase it this way: “Man, I let myself get in some shitty shape.”

I’ve never been in the best of shape, anyway. Compared to how I am now, I was in much better shape, but I was never where I wanted to be.

So now, I need to understand that I need to get where I want to be; not where I used to be, because where I used to be is just an illusion of pretend that it was good.

Do you understand what we do as human beings and why we do this?

It’s an illusion of our past, and when we have a past illusion, we tend to prevent ourselves from really getting anywhere with our future vision.

If I’m not good at something, I don’t have an illusion that I was good at it at one time. I really literally say that it’s something I always wanted to be really good at, but I never was great at it.

I’ve gotten worse as time went on.

Now maybe is the time that I actually go and I try, and I work on it to be the best that I can be in this area of my life.

No illusions here.

When we have an illusion of what we once were, it prevents us from becoming what we truly want to be.

Hopefully, this analogy really hits home for all of you, and it helps you along with your honesty and authenticity.