Did You Cum? By David Wygant

You’re laying there in the bliss of after-sex and your male mind starts racing. You are wondering “Did she cum? Was I good enough? Did I do all the right things?”

Now, all of a sudden, a creepy uptight feeling comes over your body. Women, being the perceptive creatures they are, will notice the change in your body language.

You know you shouldn’t say what you’re about to say, but being a curious man and having no willpower you are about to blurt out the three words women hate to hear after sex. She’ll even ask you about what you’re thinking.

No matter how much you fight it, those words seem to jump out of your mouth and the whole post-sex feeling with it. She asks you once again what you’re thinking and you, like you’re keeping score at a baseball game, ask her:


Immediately the whole great post-sex feeling washes down the bed, and then you’re both sitting there having to explain yourselves.

There are far better ways to ask a woman this question. How about asking it before sex:

• “What do you like?”
• “What do you enjoy? I really want to please you.”
• “What are some of your favorite positions?”
• “Do you prefer oral?”

You can also have her show you what she likes. Have her masturbate for you so she can show you how she likes to be touched, and you can do the same back to her.

If you’re a woman and you want to know what a guy likes, just ask him:

• “What are your favorite positions?”
• “How do you like to be stroked?”

If you open up communication between the two of you, then you won’t have to ask those dreaded three words. Once you have asked them, the pressure starts to build.

Sometimes it takes a woman an hour to cum with you. It doesn’t matter if you possess a magic tongue and magic fingers, or if you can last as long as Superman. It takes her feeling comfortable with you before she can enjoy all the wonders of her orgasms.

So the next time you’re about to utter the three dreaded words “Did you cum?”, get up and run to your computer and read this blog! Call it “cum insurance.”

As for you ladies, it’s time you shared some of the wonderful ways that a man can help bring you to orgasm. I know a ton of men who will enjoy reading this blog over and over again.

Ladies, please do not hold back. Educate your fellow man!

You never know when you may find yourself in a bar one night having a silly conversation about this blog you read on the Internet, and the guy sitting across from you read the exact way to get you to cum. Think about how much fun that would be!

It’s like programming him before you meet him. It’s like TiVo . . . except it’s Dicko