The term “love” is overused in today’s society. Everybody talks about wanting a relationship. “I want to be in love.”

Well, it’s not something you can order from a store. For those of you who think that you can order it online, well, you know how online dating is.

In order to get love, you need to do these two things first. Otherwise, you are never going to get love.

1. You have to have a vision board.

And, you have to be able to manifest it.

I’m not sounding like an airy fairy who sits in his birkenstocks all day long in a dumb Venice, California vegan cafe. I’m talking about real life stuff.

You see, in order to get love, you need to be love. In order to be love, you need to become love. I know you’ve heard this cliche over and over and over again, but in reality, it is never going to happen unless you understand the dynamics of how it all works.

Too many people want love, too many people ask for love, too many people don’t even know what love defines. So what you need to do is come up with your unique love blueprint.

It’s something I talk about in my love blueprint seminar.

Your love blueprint is a very unique blueprint that is unique to you and it consists of the following things:

It consists of what you’re looking for. You need to be as detailed as you possibly can with what you’re looking for in your future partner.

You can’t just make a laundry list of things like you’re going to the grocery store to buy stuff. You can’t look at it and say, I want them to be affectionate.

I need them to be loving.

I desire somebody who’s smart.

Because everybody has a different definition of what affectionate, loving and smart is.

For instance, I once dated a woman who swore she was the most affectionate person in the world.

She’d sit down next to me on the sofa and she would hold my hand.

I like holding hands. I think it’s great. But when you sit down at the sofa, a hand should be moving.

I would look at her hand and I would wonder where the compartment was to change the batteries. I would always look when she was sleeping to find the place that I could unscrew and put some batteries in her because her body was not working the way it was supposed to work.

She says she was great in bed, she loves great sex, but my definition of great sex was long, hot, passionate lovemaking sessions.

Hers was a quick seven minute romp in the hay and that was about it. You see, when you’re definitive about what your love blueprint is, then you’re able to recognize somebody who is literally the mirror image of you.

Because when you are not definitive, what happens is you are getting somebody who’s good in bed on their own terms, and affectionate in their own way, which will leave you unsatisfied.

2. The actual vision board.

I know it sounds stupid and ridiculous, but clip out magazine articles, clip out things about the house you want to live in with your partner It could be the house you’re in right now. Clip out what you want your partner to look like, the type of physical shape they’re in, everything. Because what happens is, you are now coordinating the visual brain with the mental and emotional brain, so then you are able to start recognizing and looking at the people who you are physically appealed for.

You need to understand that you will manifest this if you start actually believing in it.

You see, in life, we will get what we put out. If I close my eyes, I could tell you exactly the type of woman I like. I like a woman who’s thin, I like a woman who’s got a great butt.

I like a woman who’s got an absolute smile that lights up a room, who’s got long hair. I can go deeper into mine, but this article is not about mine. Physically, I know the picture in my head because I have literally been able to dream about it, think about it, and meditate on it. So then when I see the person, I’m actually seeing the physical person, but when I go over and talk to her, I’m actually feeling the inner person, so the inside is matching the outside.

Start doing this work, and if you really are serious about understanding what your unique blueprint is, spend a weekend with me at the love blueprint seminar.

We go through this in-depth on what your blueprint is all about. Because once you are embracing your unique blueprint, you’re going to be able to really find the love that you desire and deserve.