flakeThis is to all you beautiful, supposedly evolved women out there.

I can’t begin to tell you how many women I’ve met over the age of 35 that carry around the victim story.

How you dated the douchebag.

How you dated the assholes.

How you slept with the guy that didn’t call you back.

The excuses go on and on. The story is that all men are a certain way.

And your lack of trust shows up when a good man comes to bat.

You say you want an evolved man.

You say you want a man that’s blunt, who’s done the work on himself. A man who actually wants to be with an amazing, beautiful woman like yourself.

I hear it over and over again, but yet when that man shows up, what do you do?

You flake.

You flake for some reason. Work was running late.

Your dog threw up all over your leg.

Something suddenly came up. Do you remember that episode? That was when women first learned to flake. That as when Marsha flaked on Harvey Clinger, I think his name was, because she wanted to date Greg the football quarterback. I don’t remember his name… so she flaked on Harvey Clinger who actually liked her to get the guy who wasn’t right for her. The guy that treated her like an asshole. Then he decided to ask her out again, so she flaked on the evolved nice guy.

Is that where women learned how to flake? Do the roots of this go back to the Brady Bunch?

Whatever it might be, this is a letter to all you women. Stop flaking.

My friends and I are tired of it. My friends and I are all evolved and emotionally secure We’re the men that you want to date, yet you flake on us non-stop.

I can see the defense mode coming up right now.

Maybe the girls weren’t into you.

Maybe they changed their mind.

Sisterhood will always stick up for sisterhood.

But it’s not that. It’s that you just can’t get out of your safe routine, and I understand that.

I understand how great it is to feel safe. I can do the same thing. I can sit in my house and feel safe and secure.

I stare at myself in the mirror and practice my mental masturbation called self love and I’m not putting myself out there at all.

So I get it. I get it. I get where you’re coming from.

But it’s time to stop the madness.

I don’t care if it’s dinner, a drink, a walk around the block, just meet somebody for an hour and see what they’re all about. That’s the only way you’re going to meet a great guy. And you deserve a great guy. You deserve a man that really is evolved. You just need to stop fearing everything and stop putting men into one group.

I strongly suggest you just go out. Keep your plans and just go out. That last guy you flaked on could’ve actually been the guy that you were meant to be with and fall in love with.

But you’ll never know because a highly evolved man is going to be annoyed at all the flaking. So he sees the flaking and thinks to himself, here we go, here we go again and that’s his story.

You see, we all have stories. His story is fuck her. He hears her excuse, she says she wants to reschedule but knows it’s now going to be a game of chase the girl via text to see whether or not we can connect again.

That doesn’t work. So you see, one story is matching another story. And what happens is that all of a sudden, two people who should be together aren’t going to get together? What a shame that could be. Next time you feel the urge to flake because something suddenly came up, try to make the thing that something suddenly came up vanish. Try to meet the person a little later even if it’s just for an hour for a cup of tea. Because you don’t want to lose the guy you actually want.