divorced mother and childI’m going to talk about something right now that needs to be talked about, and it’s called dads’ rights.

I’ve been divorced for four and a half years. I’ve run into a lot of divorced women that don’t believe that their children should spend sufficient time with their fathers.

I’ve heard every reasoning behind it.

They gave birth to the child, which the man didn’t.

The man wasn’t a great dad in the beginning, but he got better as time went on. He didn’t deserve it because he wasn’t there from the get-go.

I’ve heard every reason and I’m going to tell all you women that are blocking your kids from seeing their fathers as much as the dad wants to see them, I’m going to tell you you’re not a good mother. You’re not as good a mother as you think you are.

As a matter of fact, you’re a hypocritical mother, because if you actually were a great mother you would allow your daughter or son to spend as much time with their father as possible, even if it means taking away precious time from you and them.

I’ve seen a lot of women do this, but I have to tell you, I’m tired of you self-centered, narcissistic women that think that the man should not have as equal right to parenting as you do, especially if the man is willing, and wanting, and desiring to be with his children.

You see, the kids need the man just as much as he needs you. When the kid is a little baby and they’re breast feeding and they’re up all night, you’re really being the primary parent. I can understand that, but as the kid gets older they need their dad as much as they need you, especially little boys and little girls. Little girls especially need that relationship with their father. I’ve dated enough women who didn’t have great relationships with their father and I’ve got to tell you, they’re a complete mess. Their father is one of the best stepping points to having a great relationship as an adult.

Little boys that are just brought up with their moms tend to be soft, tend to be babies, tend to be mothered. They need a man around. I am so tired of running into women that think that they should be the primary parents even though a man is willing and able to step up and be the parent alongside them, but separately.

That’s why laws have been changing. The courts are finally acknowledging the fact that a kid really needs their dad as much as they do their mom, especially as they get older.

So for all you women that don’t think the men deserve to spend equal time with their kids, if the man is willing to spend equal time I strongly suggest you do it.