Dear David WygantWelcome the first “Dear David” of 2014, and today I have a question from a lady we’ll call “Amanda.”

She asks a question I’m asked at least 20 times a week by women, and that question is, “Will I ever meet the right man?”

You can read the email she sent me below, which is followed by my reply, and pay attention because I know this is something you’ve probably asked yourself too at some point in your life!

“Dear David,

It’s a New Year and I guess I’m looking for a little bit of hope. I’m a relatively attractive woman of 40 years old. I’m independent, social, and open. But to be honest the last couple of years has been one dating disaster after another.

I’ve run into everything from a guy who turned out to be married, right through to one who just completely disappeared off the face of the planet. To this day I don’t know if something happened to him, or if he just cut me off.

The thing is, I keep “getting back on the horse” and putting myself out there to meet guys, but it’s starting to feel like it’s never going to happen for me. I know I need to be patient and eventually things will come good, but I can’t help feeling a bit hopeless. I’d hate to think I’m destined to be on my own, and I don’t want guys to pick up on my “desperation” to find love.

Is there any hope for me?”

David Says…

Well, the first thing I want to say is that I know people in their 70’s who are in new relationships, and say they’ve never been happier or more in love, so being 40 is way too young to even consider the possibility of being on your own forever.

The second thing is that you’re doing exactly the right thing by putting yourself out there. Too many women have a few disappointments with guys and then close off completely. Obviously you’re never going to meet the one if you shut down emotionally.

Remember, every single day is an opportunity to meet a talk to different people. Every day you could talk to dozens of different men if you want. It only takes one to work out!

For me the key to your success is to keep working on yourself. You’re starting to let these let downs get to you. Don’t!

This is a great mindset switch you can use, and I’d suggest all my readers pay attention to this…

Instead of letting each disappointment get you down or knock your confidence, celebrate the fact you’ve learned some valuable lessons about yourself, AND that you’re now another wrong guy closer to meeting Mr. Right!