Dear David WygantHere’s a nice quick Dear David to get you into weekend mode, all about men and signs of attraction. It comes from a lovely lady named Nicola. Here’s her question and my answer below. Nicola asks…

“Dear David,

How do I know if a man is hitting on me? There’s this guy who always comes to talk to me whenever he sees me at work, but I think he’s just being friendly. What signs do guys give when they’re interested if they don’t say outright?”

David Says…

This is about as obvious as rain coming from the sky on a cloudy day. This is as obvious as freezing cold weather in New York City in the wintertime. A man is hitting on you when he walks over and talks to you. It takes so much for a man to come over and talk to a woman. Most guys suffer from a disease called approach anxiety. Approach anxiety is the fear of approaching women. It’s probably the main issue guys want my help with.

All day long men buy products, come to seminars, and do private coaching, all so they can become better at approaching women. Then, when they finally have the courage to approach a woman, she doesn’t know he’s hitting on her. Rule of thumb is as follows: If a man is walking over and talking to you, you have to assume he’s interested in you. Men normally only approach women they’re attracted to. Men don’t generally walk the streets looking for new friends.

They’re not out there running for Mayor of Whole Foods. Men talk to women they’re interested in dating. It’s really that simple. It’s up to you to acknowledge it. You need to be able to flirt back. Smile. Carry the conversation. You need to be obvious you’re happy to talk to him. Ask him questions about himself. Let him know you’re interested. Laugh. Giggle. Guys pick up these cues that you’re open to his approach.

So the next time this guy from work comes over to talk to you, realize he’s doing it for a reason. Either he thinks you can get him a promotion, or he’s attracted to you. Yes, ladies. It really is that simple to spot signs of attraction in a man.