Go ahead and complain.

Go for it, I don’t want to hear it at all.

You know the old funny saying, how are you doing today?

The pessimist will always say, you don’t really want to know, do you?

I remember the first time someone said that to me. I looked at them and I said, no, you’re right, I don’t.

And I walked away.

Yeah, I could have asked.

I could have had them vomit their negativity all over me.

That’s always fun. It’s always an enjoyable process to have negativity thrown up all over you.

I want you to ask yourself this question right now, and I want you to be honest with yourself.

We all have goals, right?

We all want to get better at something.

Well, how do we do that, how do we get there?

  1. The first thing is, if you’re going to vent, vent to yourself!
  2. The second thing is, take a look at your patterns. Are you always looking to escape, or get out of something, the minute it gets harder?

I found that complainers violate that second principle.

They’ll send me an e-mail and they’ll complain about why things aren’t working.

Then I’ll offer them a solution, and the solution is always a coaching call or a program.

Or sometimes, just a little bit of wisdom.

And their answer always is: I tried that.

That doesn’t work for me.

That’s like saying, “I tried going to the gym. I don’t have a six pack yet.”

Well, hey genius, it takes a little more fucking work than that. Day in and day out effort, repetition.

And that’s a problem. When you walk around and say something doesn’t work for you, you want to make yourself unique. You want your problems to be unique.

People like me have heard this crap many times before. Like, many MANY multiple times. We’ve heard the same problems over and over and over again.

You see as a human being, you want to make it seem like your problems are unique, because it makes you feel special, and it makes you think that you won’t be able to accomplish it because your problems are actually unique.

But, in reality, your problems are pretty much carbon copy of things that therapists and coaches and other people have heard many times before.

It’s amazing, though. How we like to sit in our stuff.

I can tell you something, I’ve talked to probably tens of thousands of people over the last 20 years. And I can read through all the bullshit, all the negativity, all the excuses.

It’s really simple to do that. Why?

Because I’ve seen it all before. I’ve seen the negativity, I’ve seen the reactions, I’ve seen the problems. So the question today is, what’s your problem?

What have you realistically done to fix that problem?

And how long have you stayed committed to working on that problem?

Your answer lies somewhere in between you have not spent enough time working on something, and you keep having to start all over again.

It’s an easy process to figure out. Take time to fix anything you’re going through.

Hopefully this resonates with you, and gives you a little bit of a kick in the ass today.