schedule a dateIs it just me, or does there seem to be an epidemic going on?

Dating has become like a business meeting. Hear me out.  It used to be as simple as boy meets girl. God, the good old days. I remember being young, walking down the streets on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I’d see a woman come in my direction. I, being the boy, would flirt with her.  We’d have that moment, you know that amazing moment that seems too far and few between in today’s world.

Not the moment of boy meets girl. It’s the moment that happens after. When a boy met a girl and boy got a girl’s phone number. He’d call her up and she would actually answer the phone. It was the days before call waiting. Anonymous phone calls were fun. She’d pick up the phone in anticipation because there were no other ways to communicate. There was no screen, no cell phones, no texting, or even email.

Communication was a phone call.  She’d answer the phone. The boy would say:

“Hey Lisa, it’s David. We met.”

“Oh Hi David, how are you?” She would say with anticipation.

She was excited. He was excited. They’d meet as quickly as possible because there was no paradox of choice.  It was just boy meets girl. There was no Tinder, or OKCupid or any of the other noise. Those allusions of options, that don’t really exist.

You would meet somebody in person. It was amazing. You didn’t have to schedule things. The world back then was far more spontaneous. You weren’t consistently tethered to a device that told you where you needed to be or what you needed to do. There were no messages popping up from calendar telling you about an appointment.

There were no texts coming in. No Facebook updates, nothing.  It was just the simplicity of boy meets girl. There were no play-by-play breakdown, from friends you can chat with via one of the instant message devices. It was just your intuition and his intuition.  By the time you did connect with a friend, you were deep into a two week relationship. Your friend was amazed, because she hadn’t spoken to you in a whole two weeks.

Now there are Facebook updates, Twitter updates, and Instagram updates. Everybody knows everything. Your life has become one big schedule.  Now, your entire life is scheduled. As a matter of fact, when boy meets girl nowadays, you even set up a phone call.  It’s amazing how many women I’ve met over the years online and you literally have to schedule a phone call. Whenever I spontaneously call them, they never answer the phone.

Don’t be fooled by the allusion of multiple options. It’s really just noise. A distraction. A connection is what you make of it. So go out and make one. Ignore the noise, ignore the dating rules and regulations. Ignore the schedule. Meet a new guy and call him spontaneously. You’ll be amazed how much better your connections are.