I want you to think about dating like sales.

The object of sales is to find a customer who is aligned with your beliefs, aligned with your program, or aligned with your product.

In sales, every single day you are out prospecting, which leads us to number one in the 6 reasons I want you to think about dating like sales.

1. A date is a prospect. That’s all it is.

Every night when you’re swiping or texting or meeting or talking to people out and about, you’re just prospecting. You’re trying to find somebody who wants to be with you.

Which leads us to number two.

2. You’re a unique brand.

You may be a BMW or a Mercedes and someone might be looking for a Cadillac or a Chevrolet.

You might be more like a little spicy jalapeño when other people are looking for a more bland avocado dip. But you get the point. All you are is a very unique brand. So, think about that.

By being a unique brand, someone may or may not want you.

The way you date and the way you prospect lead us to number 3.

3. They’re not interested.

They don’t want to buy what you’re all about, so that doesn’t matter. As in sales and in prospecting, you want to get to a fast no.

You shouldn’t take anything personally, which leads us to number four.

4. By taking thing things personally, you’re basically telling the universe that you’re not worthy of anything.

You see, you have to look at dating as if you’re going into a store. Some people grab one thing on the shelf and ignore the other thing on the shelf, but you never see the box of spaghetti crying. And you never see the roast beef upset because someone bought turkey. Which leads us to number five.

5. How about a thicker skin?

It’s nothing personal when someone doesn’t reach for you. It’s better to get a quick no than to sit there and over-think, which leads us to number six.

6. The more you think about why some doesn’t like you, the less chance you’ll figure it out…because you’re not a mind reader at all.

It’s really simple, and that’s why this article was short and to the point. There’s no reason to go on and on and over analyze this at all. The bottom line is: the quicker you get to the no, the quicker you realize you can go back out and prospect again.

That’s what makes dating so much fun. You never know what you’re going to find on the shelf of human life every single day.