One-Moms-Dating-Dilemma-david-wygantWith the responsibility of raising kids—single parent—how are you supposed to meet people?

How are you supposed to date?

The other day I went and did a preschool tour for my daughter.

In California, preschools are the big thing.  I’m sure they are everywhere else but in California there is like a competitive thing about getting your kid into the best preschool.

(It’s kind of bizarre.  It was competitive to get in the best college where I grew up, but the best preschool?)

I was there with a bunch of other moms and dads.  Some of them didn’t have wedding rings on.  One of them was this really pretty woman.  We talked back and forth about how she was a single mom, and was looking for somebody to date.

I saw a couple of the other dads checking out some hot moms.

One of the teachers started flirting with me a little bit—she was also single.

And so it hit me:

If you are a single parent, your best dating pool is other single parents.  So much of your life revolves around your child: you check out a preschool, you go to parent teacher night, you go to birthday parties.

These are opportunities to meet other single parents.  Don’t always assume that when a parent is there alone that the husband or the wife is home doing something else.  A lot of time if a parent is there alone and they don’t have a ring on their finger it means they are not married.

Just accept it.

There are lots of single people that are out there waiting to meet you.

So just go and take the opportunity to do the meeting.  Not only that, but when you meet somebody and they are married, you can talk, flirt, have fun with them and get introduced to one of their single friends.

Nowadays, everyone has a single parent friend.

It is really about putting yourself out there.  And there is no better time to make an emotional connection with a potential mate than over chocolate milk and macaroni.

So take advantage of a parent teacher night.

Take advantage when you go to birthday parties.  Take advantage when you go to the playground.  It is a wonderful opportunity for you to cultivate your dating life with people that are like-minded and in the same situation as you.

So keep your eyes open the next time you are playing in the playground.