Be Like A Homeless Person
By David Wygant

All of the following remarks have something in common:

? Hey good lookin’, how you doing today?
? Excuse me . . . are you a movie star?
? Wow, what a beautiful dog you have!
? That is a great shirt on you – It really makes your eyes look great!
? Hey, can I tell you something funny?
? Excuse me, can I ask you one question?

Every one of these remarks have been said to me . . . by homeless people. Hearing every one of these also caused me to stop.

Do you realize that homeless people have to approach people ALL DAY LONG? That’s right. That’s what they do all day.

They’re trying to find someone who will buy them a meal, give them a dollar, buy them a pint of booze, or whatever. The ones who are really good at it, survive another day. The ones who do poorly at it, well . . . you know where they end up.

Now I’m not telling you to become homeless. What I am telling you to do is to go to the part of your town where there are homeless people and observe how they break down people’s defenses all day long.

You can learn a LOT from a homeless man or woman. The really good ones are masterful at breaking down people’s defenses. Some of them are actually quite charming, and are able to make you not mind giving them a dollar or five.

Others are just annoying. They have the worst approaches and the worst people skills. It’s no wonder they’re homeless.

One of the best exercises you can do is to watch homeless people open people, charm people, and close the deal. Doing this will teach you SO much about how to relate to people.

Whenever I work with a client, I make them watch homeless people. At first they think I’m out of my mind and usually ask me “What am I going to learn from a homeless person?!”

Do you know what you’re going to learn? You are going to to learn how to overcome your fear of approaching people, because you’ll be watching people do it who are experts at it. Homeless people are experts at getting people to talk.

So today, head on down to the part of time where there are homeless people, and watch them work the crowd. When you find one that you like and you’ve learned the lesson about which I’m talking, make sure you hand them a few bucks for teaching you what you really need to know.

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