Expand your lifeDespite what some of you might think there’s actually nothing wrong with being single. There’s no urgency to find a long-term girlfriend, and there’s no shame with spending some time alone. The trouble is so many guys worry about what’s missing in their life when they don’t have a woman.

When you actually think about it, being on your own is an amazing opportunity to explore yourself and the world around you. There are so many amazing things to do in this world. All you need is to be open to them. In fact, the other night, I have a new friend in my life and we spent some great time together. She’s such a cool woman. There’s nothing-romantic going on between us. We’re just having fun and expanding each other.

Friendships are so important to me, and it doesn’t matter if it’s male-male or female-male. So anyway, the other night we had a massage and then she dragged me out to see some singer/songwriter. We did a little bit of dancing, and a little bit of meditation. It was a really beautiful experience because it’s something I never normally do; Not on my own anyway.

To be honest I’m not much of a dancer. In fact, I’m really scary on the dance floor. I can feel the music in my head, but when I’m standing up I can never translate that to my body. I love listening to music though.

But I allowed my friend to guide me, because I trusted this is something I need to open up to, and to let go of any inhibitions I have. So I did my best version of what dancing is. I also did my best version of meditation during the meditation sequence. Of course, my brain was racing thinking of twenty different things. I was thinking about life, where I was, what was happening the next day. I couldn’t quieten my brain down, but eventually I got into the music and it was an amazing moment. It was a beautiful moment for me.

This Takes All The Pressure Out Of Dating

It’s amazing when you meet new people in your life, and when you take away the term dating, and replace it with connecting, you bring special new people into your life you can actually enjoy with zero pressure and zero expectations. When you have zero expectations, you’re just enjoying someone. You’re not thinking about how you want to sleep with them, or how you want them to be yours. You just enjoy them, and enjoy the expansive, beautiful being they are in front of you. That is where the lessons are learned and the growth happens.

It was lovely just to be there, and I thanked my new friend. You enjoy life so much more when you take away the outcome. Forget about the outcome and start to come out of your comfort zone. When someone suggests you do something out your comfort zone, you need to listen because that person could be a messenger sent to move you, guide you, or to teach you something about yourself. Forget trying to sleep with someone and you might find you end up having the best sex of your life, and finding that special girl in a very short space of time.

That’s the beauty of life. Get out your comfort zone, forget the outcomes, and allow the messengers to come into your life. So the next time someone tries to drag you to something you don’t want to do, accept it, and go into it with no outcome and no expectation. Watch the kind of night you have and the kind of connection you have to yourself. Trust the journey my friends, because it’s full of messengers and lessons, and they’re all there to enhance your life!