It’s Wednesday. Wednesday is our favorite day here on the site. Wednesday is podcast day, and today’s podcast is a particularly interesting one.

Actually as I’m sitting here, I had to push away a friend that is sitting right by my side. The need to push this friend away has been incredible of late.

This friend has irritated the hell out of me, interrupting things when I don’t want to be interrupted and monopolizing my days. I am always having to take this friend with me practically everywhere I go like it has no life of its own.

So what friend am I talking about today? I’m talking about my phone.

Is your phone taking over your life? Is your phone with you at all times?

Do you put your phone on the table when you have lunch, like the phone needs to consume the food too? Is the phone constantly being checked at every traffic light because you just can’t seem to kill fifteen seconds listening to music anymore? Is your phone with you on dates?

On your days off, is your phone attached your hip pocket just so you can read the email that you could wait and read when you get home? Is it constantly by your side so you can get that text from that person with whom you don’t even really want to be texting?

Is your phone so constantly attached to you that you actually take it to the beach or to the pool? Do you give your phone suntan lotion or get some good SPF for it?

I used to have my phone attached to me 24/7. I’m now eliminating my phone slowly on certain days. It’s been a tough process, but it’s seems like it’s a good thing.

I come from the generation of people who lived on voicemail. Hell, I even remember when there was just a ringer. When I was growing up, we used to just ring the phone and if nobody answered, nobody answered.

I remember my first answering machine. It was taped. I had to call, I had to go to the old ‘bad breath pay phone’ and dial in to listen to my messages.

Life got along just fine without it. People were still successful. People still dated.

When you got home, you had something to which to look forward like a blinking light with the number of messages you had. I miss those days when you came home and saw you had five messages on your answering machine.

Nowadays, the phone is constantly attached to us. You can’t escape it. You feel the need to answer everything that comes in the minute it comes in. Even when you’re on the beach or you’re relaxing, if something comes in you feel the need to check it.

It’s become a part of our life and it’s become an intrusive part of our lives. So I think one day a week, everyone needs to put the phone down. Put it down and don’t bring it with you.

You’re either by yourself or you’re with people with whom you want to spend time. Give it a break. Give it a rest.

It’s good for your phone too. Your phone doesn’t need to know everything that’s going on in your life. Your phone doesn’t need to travel everywhere you go.

So in today’s podcast we’ll talk about some rules for dates. You’re going to be outraged to hear what some people actually pull off with their phone on a date. I’m also going to talk a little bit about how your phone actually can be your friend and can even get you out of bad dates.

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