What I’m about to share with you may shock you. What I’m going to reveal will make you realize what a narcissistic community we’ve become, and will hopefully save you from getting caught in the vortex of one of these self-absorbed women.

Maybe you’ve heard me rant about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before. And you’ve heard me say that women who spend half their days on these sites are the worst women in the world to date. I’m going to explain why in a second. Facebook to me is ultra-narcissistic.

“Here’s a picture of me walking on the beach. Here’s a picture of me eating food. Here’s a picture of my kids and I. Here’s a picture of my new car. Here’s a picture of me at the airport.”

They fire off statuses all day, because deep down they need other people to validate them.

The problem is, men like to go onto these sites looking for pictures of hot women. Women post pictures and selfies all day, and men come along and start flirting and saying “How hot” she is. All you’re doing is feeding the dragon.

You’re encouraging more of this narcissistic behavior.

What happens if you start dating one of these women? What type of a relationship are you in for if you date a Facebook, twitter, Instagram addicted woman?

This story I’m going to share with you right now is going to make you weep, cry, sob, and maybe even keep you masturbating to porn!

There was a time in my life when I met somebody, I thought she could have been the love of my life, or at least the love of the moment.

We hung out and everything was great. I had gotten all of her attention. We started having sex. It was phenomenal. Our conversations would last to the early hours of morning. I thought she was ‘the one’ or at least the one at the time, because we all know how I feel about “the one.”

All of a sudden, 30 days into the relationship, I saw a crack. No, she wasn’t crazy, but she was crazily obsessed with Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. One night after a long sex session where both of us were feeling really good, I went to the bathroom.

I took my usual 30 to 45 second after-sex-piss because you know how clogged we get at the tip, and how long it sometimes takes to come out. When I got out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom, there was a glow under the sheets. Hmm…Did she light a candle under there? Were we ready for round two? Doesn’t she know I’m old and can’t do round two that quickly?

I crawl into bed, I looked at her and I saw the glow from the phone against her skin and there’s nothing more ugly than an iPhone glowing on someone’s skin. You can see every imperfection. You think iPhone could have figured that one out.

I looked at her and said, “What are you doing?  Are you setting the alarm for the morning?”

She goes, “No, I’m checking my Twitter.”

I was gone for 45 seconds.  She’s checking her Twitter?

So I looked at her and said, “Wait a second, is this when the bad behavior starts coming out and I realize you are a narcissist Facebook Twitter woman?  Why are you checking your Twitter?”

“I like Twitter.” She said.

She likes to read comments 132 characters or less?

Have I been thinking that this woman was deeper than that?

I said, “I’ve been gone 45 seconds.  What happened to the post-orgasmic bliss?  Where did that go?”

She goes, “It’s still here,” as she continued to swoop and look at her Twitter.

She started giggling.  A message went off.  It was something with her Instagram.  She checked it immediately.  I looked at her and said, “You know what, I think we need to go to sleep.”

That relationship didn’t last much longer.

There’s something about women who are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you need to know about, and today’s video will crack open exactly why these are women you can never take seriously when it comes down to having a relationship.

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