hot hippie girl wygantHere’s the deal:

One of the best places to meet women is at a vegetarian restaurant.

Let’s face it: women are healthier than men.

Women don’t look at their friends and say, “Hey Mary, why don’t we go out and suck down a couple of beers tonight and a couple of T-bone steaks, finish it off with a couple scoops of ice cream?”

Women like to sit and have healthy food. They like to eat salad. They like non-dairy frozen desserts.

There’s this new restaurant called Cafe Gratitude in my neighborhood. and I frequent the place all the time.

It’s great. There’s always some beautiful women there.

The problem is some of the beautiful women are vagina-tarians.

That’s right, you heard me correct: the only thing they eat is vagina.

But once you get past the amount of vagina-tarians in there, there’s always some really beautiful women in there also.  And they’re at least open to a beautiful conversation.

And I know a lot of you constantly are thinking all the time about what to say and how to say it and how to approach a hottie.  And you think hotties are so different than any other woman.

Well, they’re not.

I’m so tired of this mentality. I read through the comments and you guys are so wrong all the time.  I talk to every woman the exact same way––I flirt with all of them. That is why I’m successful in creating attraction.

I don’t talk to a hottie different than a mediocre looking girl––they are all women.

It’s time that you guys flip the switch and start really thinking of women as women.

It’s going to help you overcome so much of your fear of “the hot woman”.

And lastly, get on the Interwebs and Google vegetarian restaurants in your area. Go to them on Friday and Saturday nights, and you will find an alternate place to meet women where you don’t have competition from other dudes.