Be Memorable By David Wygant

You need to be memorable. Most people are not memorable. Most people walk around life trying to get somebody to come up and approach them. They wait. They are what I call ‘waiters’ in life.

They kick back and wait for the other person to talk first, and do all the work, so then they can reap the benefits. But the fact of the matter is that in order to become a social person, or in order to become somebody that attracts a lot of people – because you want to attract people, you don’t want to chase them – you have to become memorable.

So how do you become memorable?

Everywhere you go, you talk to people. You talk to the person who cuts your deli meat, you talk to the person who pours your coffee at Starbucks. When you walk into a restaurant, you make sure you talk to the hostess or host that seats you – you are memorable.

You engage them in a conversation. It could be a quick conversation, it could be a long one, but you want to be memorable. Memorable people remember things about people. You want to remember things about everybody that you possibly can.

The fact of the matter is that the only time in life that you are ever going to be able to connect with people is if you are memorable. You want to be that person that people remember and want to go talk to.

For instance, I’m in London right now, and we went into Harvey Nichols a big fancy London store. We were hanging out in Harvey Nichols, and we were just talking to people. One woman walked directly over, and she said to us, “oh my god, you guys are having so much fun, I wanted to come over and talk to you!”

This happened because we were memorable. We were enjoying ourselves, and having fun. Most people don’t have fun. Most people walk around life in a coma, nonstop all the time, and you don’t ever remember them. They’re just hoping that someone will come along and wake them up from their coma.

You have to be the one that embraces every little step, and every little day, and has a blast with every person.