Be Memorable – Part Two By David Wygant

Wherever you go, you need to always talk to people – everywhere. You need to stop chasing women and start attracting people into your life.

You have to start being memorable. Memorable people get somewhere in life. If you’re not memorable, you won’t get anywhere in life.

So how do you become memorable?

Very easily. Everywhere you go, you need to walk in there and make people feel great. If you go to a sunglass store, and you’ve bought sunglasses there before, walk in and say, “hey, how are you today?” Talk to the person who is selling you the sunglasses. Get to know them a little bit. So then the next time you walk in there, they know you, they remember you, and they greet you like an old friend.

You want to have a circle of friends. What will happen if you start networking through your life is that people will start remembering you and doing favors for you. It could be something as simple as just getting an extra slice of cheese on your sandwich, or getting a free soda at the deli.

But the bottom line is that most people don’t engage others in conversation. If you are able to engage people in conversation, you will become memorable. People will remember you.

Life is so much about nonverbal communication. For instance, you go into a store and there is a beautiful woman standing there, and you walk in with some approach anxiety – you don’t know what to say to her. But if the two clerks in the store know who you are, they will walk over and say, “hey, how are you today?” and you can tell them you’re doing great.

The next key thing is to remember things about these people. If you have a bad memory, then start taking notes. Buy a Blackberry or an iPhone, and start taking notes about all of the people that you meet.

That way, when you go into a store you will remember things about the people there. So here you are standing in the same store, about to order a sandwich, and you’re having approach anxiety with the woman standing there because you don’t know what to say – yet you remember the guy behind the counter just had a baby.

You look at the guy behind the counter and say, “hey, how’s the little kid treating you? Are you getting enough sleep?” He answers, “oh man, thanks for asking. I haven’t been able to sleep in so long…”

All of a sudden, the woman standing there will notice what is going on – she’ll notice the energy that is being created. You’ve created positive energy, and she’s noticed. So she will start looking at you in an entirely different light. She will see how the guy behind the counter is looking at you favorably.

This is what life is all about – so much nonverbal communication. So you need to become memorable wherever you go.

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