be daring datingToday is going to be a day like no other day you have ever experienced. Today is going to be a 24-hour commitment to being the most daring version of yourself, ever. I love these days. I do these days for myself all the time.
I’ve been doing these days for the last 30 years.  I set myself with an intent for the day.  “Today I’m going to be daring in life.”

I set that intent.  It might be, today I’m going to be daring in business. I might say, today I’m going to be daring in my personal relationships. What this entails is being daring and saying the things you always wanted to say. Make a firm commitment to yourself.  Stand in front of a mirror when you start the day, look at yourself, put your hand out there, and shake your virtual hand and say to yourself…

“I, state your name.

Today I am going to be daring in…X..area of my life, and I’m going to do…X”

Then go out and do it.

The first dare is always the toughest. It could be something as simple as going out, complementing beautiful women and connecting with them.  That first complement may actually make you shudder, shake, and want to retreat.
Let me tell you something, when you have a daring day like this, it becomes one of the most empowering days you will ever have. You’ll finally be free. You’ll finally be free of all the things that have been holding you back.

You will finally get out your true emotion. You will finally say things you’ve never said before. Imagine how powerful it will feel to be able to have the blunt conversations you’ve always wanted to. All because you made a pact with yourself to have a daring day.

It’s one of the greatest life lessons because you’ll finally realize the things you’ve been afraid of, are nothing to fear.

Be daring today.

I could pump you up more.  I could give you some high fives virtually. I could tell you how amazing you are, and how fucking empowered you’re going to be. I could tell you that you are going to survive no matter how difficult you think it might be. I could tell you that at the end of your ‘daring day’, you’re not going to only feel amazing but you’re going to overcome fears you’ve had for so long.

But in reality, no matter how much I pump you up, no matter what I say, YOU’RE still going to have to take the plunge. You’re still going to have to do that dare. It’s time for you to live and be daring. Only you can do it. You need to start right when you wake up.  Because you need to get that into mindset and know how it feels.

No chickening out, and no being Mr. Tomorrow.  None of that stuff.  Get out there, and do it.  I believe in you.  And I want to see the comments.  I want to read the fear and I want to see how you push through that fear.  Go for it — as Nike always says.  Just do it.