You must be clear in your vision. How do you want your life to be?

A lot of guys always look at the surface things they want. They think that if they can just meet a hot girl that everything is going to be great, but that is not the end-all-be-all answer to things.

Remember that even if you get that hot girl, she may have a vision of you (and for the two of you together). She may want more kids than you do. She may want different things than you do.

So you need to have a vision that is crystal clear. The only way to get such a clear vision is to get yourself in front of an empty page and to start writing every single day.

Call it a life journal. It actually doesn’t even have to be written — it could be audio or video as well. It can be yours to watch, yours to watch or yours to which to listen. It doesn’t matter. It just needs to be yours.

Doing this allows you to see your progress and how you have evolved over time. You can go back and read (or listen or watch) where you were two years earlier, and see how immature you were at the time.

Another great thing to do is to find someone older than you after which you want to model yourself. Pick someone who has gone through life already.

I’m not saying to find someone who will tell you what to do (because no one should do this). I’m talking about someone who can tell you that whatever you’re going through is okay.

When you are putting together your life’s vision, be very clear about what you really want. Here is a perfect example of why this is so important.

I just heard about someone who had a vasectomy and married a woman who wanted kids. At first she was okay with that and with them not having kids. Seven years later, however, she was begging him to reverse the vasectomy and it has changed the whole dynamic of the relationship.

So it is critical that you be very clear in knowing what you want. It doesn’t mean that what you want won’t change over time, but you need to be able to write down everything you want as time goes by so you can see your process.

Realize that your thoughts are wonderful thoughts. Your vision is a wonderful vision.

A friend of mine is a workout nut, and his wife was never very into working out. Initially he felt okay with that. As time went on, though, she started gaining more and more weight.

He kept saying that he was okay with that. He would tell me that every time I was with him.

Clearly he really wasn’t okay with it, because he started cheating on her. He started cheating on her because having a wife who was also a workout nut and looked a certain way was extremely important to him, but he wasn’t clear with himself about what he wanted.

I know some women will read this and just think that my friend is a superficial guy. It’s not really about that though. It’s about being clear about what you want and in your vision for your life.

The only way to be clear in your vision is to write and write and write. That’s your first journal entry.

I go through step-by-step the process of how to really discover your clearest vision for what you want in your life, and then how to create a plan to make that vision your reality. CLICK HERE if you are a man.