Sometimes you’re going to find that crossing the line can sometimes lead you on a whole different journey. So your best buddy in the whole wide world is getting married. You are in charge of the bachelor party.

Of course you are in a relationship at this time in your life, and a really good relationship at that. It took a long time to find that really amazing woman. She’s your best friend. You have even uttered the word “soulmate.”

It is a great connection. The sex is great. It could be a little better; it’s not as hot as it was with that crazy woman you used to date (because in reality you never end up staying with the crazy woman).

The reason why sex is so great with crazy girls is because it has to be. Who would stay with them is the sex wasn’t great?

So you’re with somebody who could be a little edgier in bed, but you’re satisfied. You don’t need much gentleman time in the shower alone. She satisfies most of your needs and desires.

So you set up your best friend’s bachelor party. You don’t want to do the cliched stripper because your buddy, who has not really grown up at all, wants to have “one last night” with another woman.

This, by the way, is a big dilemma for you. If you set this up, you’ll know everything that happened at that bachelor party and you’ll have to deal with knowing that when you have “couples night” with him and his wife in the future. You’ll also have to lie to your girlfriend and say that nothing happened.

So here you are. You make the call. You tell them that you need a blond and a brunette. You didn’t check them out at all because you’re not so into this, and because you are happy in your own adult adolescence and your own relationship.

So you get to the bachelor party, and what happens? The stripper did everything that that crazy ex of yours used to do. She is like a reincarnation of your crazy ex.

It ignites this feeling within you. You almost feel like an animal again.

Then you make the biggest mistake you can make. You start talking to her and she’s really nice (because the crazy ones are always nice in the beginning).

You think to yourself, “I’m really connecting with her. She likes me.” Guys always do that with strippers. They always think that strippers like them.

I love when men say “she really likes me” to me. No, she likes what’s inside your wallet.

So the stripper keeps coming back to you because you’re the guy who organized the party. She keeps making sure that everyone is having fun. You think you’re connecting with her in certain ways.

Then it’s the end of the night. Everyone is happy. Your best friend did what he shouldn’t have done with the stripper. The stripper looks at you and says, “You know, I could take care of you too just as an added tip.”

What do you do in that situation? Do you cross the line?

Your friends are all passed out drunk because, of course, you did the cliched bachelor party and rented a room. All your friends are all laid out all around the room like a bad scene from the movie The Hangover. The only thing missing is Mike Tyson and the tiger.

The stripper looks at you and leads you to the bedroom, because these women know exactly what to do. She throws you down down on the bed and starts massaging you.

What do you do in this situation? Your friends are all passed out. Nobody’s going to know. Do you cross the line?

My advice is this: don’t cross it!

If you have an open, honest and great relationship then don’t lie to her. Once you cross that line in a relationship where you cheat and get away with it — whether it’s with a stripper or on a business trip — you have a whole new addiction coming your way.

We’re men. We like new conquests. Not only that but if this woman is better in bed than your woman, you’re going to re-ignite old feelings for every crazy woman you’ve ever slept with in your life.

Don’t cross the line. You need to learn how to say no.

I know how hard it’s going to be in that situation. She’s hot and she smells great. Every stripper seems to smell great. She tells you it’s a freebie because she’s hot for you and because she probably thinks she connected with you. I understand all of that, but don’t do it.

Don’t cross the line, because once you cross that line you’ll always cross that line. You’ll ruin what might be the best relationship of your life.

If you do cross that line, then you need to really explore a little deeper what your relationship is all about. She might actually be lacking things that you need.

I have no problem saying no. The times I have crossed the line in my life, I know exactly the reason why I did it. I wasn’t happy in my relationship, and it was a wake-up call.