Do you always feel anxious after a date?

Do you analyze every little thing you said and did?

“Does she like me? Did I say something wrong? Will she want to see me again?”

All night the questions run through your head. You lay there counting the minutes until you get to speak to the girl you went out with, and find out the truth. If you’re anything like most insecure daters, you’re still not sure they liked you, even when they tell you they do.

She tells you, “You’re amazing,” but you think she’s just being nice.

She says, “I like you. When can I see you again?” But you’re just waiting for her to flake on you.

Do you feel like you never believe women’s real motives? Do feel like women are always lying to you? Are you a serial self-destructor?

Do you know why you keep feeling like this?

It’s because you’re not in control of your dates. You’re an insecure dater!

What do I mean?

You’re someone who blames the woman when a date hasn’t gone well. You assume they saw fault in you, so they’ve caused the date to fall flat. Insecure daters always blame the other person on the date in one way or another. Either they didn’t make you feel relaxed, or they didn’t talk enough.

Every date you go on ends the same way. No matter how many woman you meet, you still end up without a girlfriend. Do you want to know the real problem?

You may not like it, but here it is. The real problem is YOU. Most the time you’re the reason the date doesn’t work out, not the woman. You’re so concerned about what she thinks of you, or what to say next, you’re not enjoying the moment. A woman wrote to me the other day, asking why men never listen to what women say on a date.

Women notice you’re not paying attention to what they’re saying. Stop worrying about what you’re going to say and LISTEN to the conversation. That way you can listen and react to what she says. You don’t need to think of anything clever to say. Just flow with the conversation.

When you’re on date you need to be 100% present and in the moment. You have to concentrate on enjoying the connection and being YOU. In other words, stop trying so hard and enjoy the date.

Dating is all about two people on a journey of exploration. You’re there trying to work out if you have any chemistry. You’re there to see if the two of you connect. If you’re feeling anxious and insecure after every date you go on, you need to do some work on yourself.

You have to remind yourself, you’re the gift. You’re more than enough. There are hundreds of women who’d love to date you. You just need to meet them. If you don’t believe you’re an amazing man, I’m telling you, no woman will.

It’s not about faking confidence. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. If you’re not getting second dates, it’s because women are noticing your negativity, and it puts them off. Women like confidence, strength, and security in a man. So here’s what you need to do. Try to understand why you feel insecure.

You need to accept and understand yourself, and then work on your insecurities. Most insecurity is based on bad experiences in the past. You need to remember, the past doesn’t equal the future, especially when it comes to dating. Think of the old Michael Jackson song, “Man in the Mirror.”

You have to make the change in your mindset. Work on yourself. Figure out why you don’t accept yourself. Find out why you don’t believe women like you, and change your attitude. Once you get your mindset right, your dating life will improve dramatically. You have to take control of yourself, before you can take control of your dates.


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