Today I pulled up to a crowded gas station in Marina Del Ray.

It’s the cheapest gas station in the area.

There was a woman sitting there in her Honda.

Texting away, staring at her phone. She was already done getting gas.

And yet, she stopped there for a good two minutes, oblivious to everything that was going on. Her texting or her e-mail or her Facebook feed was far more important than anybody else looking to go and fill their car with gas. Her world is far more important because she obviously needed to send that text off and decided to sit at the pump. Instead of honking a horn like the asshole New Yorker I am, I sat there and just watched and wondered how long it would take her, to realize that there were other human beings on this planet.

Other people who are breathing, other people who are alive, other people who needed to use the gas. Not once did she ever look up from her phone. She just continued to do whatever she was doing on her telephone.

This is very common in today’s me, me, me modern world.

Your smart phone has made you basically full of yourself. I call it the me, me, me phone.

All about you. I’ve seen people walk across the street looking down at their phones, the light will turn and they’ll still be in the crosswalk slowly looking at their phone because they’re in their own world. You see them in line at groceries stores, you see it all the time, when you’re in line anywhere. Somebody will be transfixed by some amazing text that came into their phone.

Or some crazy unbelievable Facebook meme that was posted.

You see it at the stop light all the time, you constantly need to honk the horn at people all the time, especially at stop lights. Why? Because somebody is all about me, me, me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all of the people that are so self absorbed. I think it’s time that you literally realize there’s other human beings on this planet, look around you once in a while and realize there’s other people that are not willing to look around and wait for you to get out your precious text, oh that precious text that you have.

Be mindful. Especially when you’re in public, be mindful. It’s really important. Be mindful of other people, see if other people are around and you’re holding them up by being so self observed with your precious little phone.