We just went through a historic election where we voted for our second social media president.

Obama was the first one that took to Facebook and ran a well-oiled machine, or a well-oiled campaign.

He used Facebook to become the first Facebook-like president out there.

Trump is the first Twitter candidate. He used Twitter to perfection, as he managed to manipulate the voters into believing the character that he was playing.

Now the big question is, are you a social media addict? For those of you in the business of social media and you make money doing it, fan-fucking-tastic.

I’m proud that you have figured out how to get your message across to the masses and monetize it, but for the rest of you, I’d like to be honest and upfront with all of you.

How often a day do you check social media?

How many times do you post Facebook status updates?

How often do you rant and rave on Facebook and feel better afterwards?

How often do you have IM sessions on Facebook over actual phone calls?

We have become social media junkies. We’ve created social media presidents and celebrities.

How many hours do you spend on Youtube watching anonymous people talk? We’ve given a platform for the average person to become famous because we’re a fame-obsessed society.

Social media, to me, is a great way to get read about your friends’ thoughts and actions, and then your fake friends’ thoughts and actions as well. I don’t check social media that often, but I do post for business because it helps me grow my brand.

And during times like election time, it’s kind of fun to get into social media debates and take a look and see what the pulses of people are.

I’ve been connecting with the public now for so long, it’s important for me to see what people are passionate about. So to me, social media is definitely something to use as research to get an idea of the pulse of how people are feeling.

There are times I don’t post on Facebook for weeks at a time.

You’ll never see me post photos of my daughter on Facebook.

My daughter and my private life are my own personal life. You’ll never see me talk about dates or who I’m having sex with or what relationship I’m involved in right now.

Because I hold my private life very sacred.

I also know how media works.

Let’s say, for instance, I post a picture of my daughter in school.

I tell her I’m so proud of her that she’s going to blankety-blank school.

Somebody who I’m barely friends with (because we all have them on social media) comments on it.

That comment goes to all their friends, the people you don’t know, and you have no idea what crazy person they may or may not have on their friend list. And now that crazy person, who read some of my dating advice years ago and it caused him to lose a relationship is now stalking me, and stalking my daughter.

I know, pure speculation, but social media has been overused by us for years. We’ve become social media addicts, we’re spreading too much of ourselves to people who really don’t give a shit.

We collect friends on social media like we used to collect baseball cards and stamps as children.

Why do we do this? Why are we such social media addicts?

Because most of us are bored with our own lives. We do the same old same old every single day, we drop the kids off at school.

We go to the same restaurants on a Friday night.

We work a job that we’re not really fully passionate about, or fuck somebody that we’re not really into anymore, and the list goes on and on. Some of it pertains to some, some of it pertains to others.

We look to social media to fulfill a hole that’s in our lives. It’s great to also be validated by strangers when you’re feeling down. If you don’t feel good and you’re a woman, put a picture of yourself up in a bathing suit on the beach when you look great, and men will be drooling over you, hoping that their thumb up or “you look gorgeous as ever” comment will actually get them laid.

Or get them a date with you.

Social media is so transparent to me. I’ve been studying human behavior for so long, and I see cries of help every single day from the lonely, from the depressed, from the sad, from the angry.

I’m not saying all social media is bad at all, but what I’m saying is we’ve become way too reliant on it. It used to be something we’d check on a random basis. Now, wherever I go, I see people on their Facebook feed constantly.

Social media has taken over and social life has gone backwards. Think about every time today you checked social media and then think about the amount of minutes per day you actually could be touching somebody else, really connecting to your own life, figuring out what really makes you happy, instead of what makes you validated.