Art of Seduction by David Wygant

David: So here I am, sitting here, and talking to a good friend of mine who has never appeared on the blog but is an avid reader and really wanted to share her thoughts with all the men and women. Today she really wanted to help the guys out on the blog, and we’re going to talk about the art of seduction, using hot oil massage and foot massage. She’ll give you her step-by-step way of turning a woman on, just by hanging out with her and watching TV. All women need to pay attention to this as well…you can use this seduction on the men.

So let me ask you a question. You’re sitting, watching a movie with a guy, and the guy wants to seduce you. What would be the best way – instead of him just grabbing you – to seduce you when you’re watching television?

Jessica: I would say that a good place to start would be to slowly massage me, starting with my hands or the back of my neck, my head, or my feet – if you touch my feet, you’re in for sure!

David: So should the guy get some foot lotions and other things to like rub you during the movie?

Jessica: Absolutely! If he did that, I would feel like a princess, I would feel pampered; I am a sucker for massage. If you massage me long enough, you’re definitely getting some action!

David: And how long – a lot of guys don’t know how long they need to massage a woman. A lot of guys do the obligatory five-minute massage and that’s it. How long do you think is good?

Jessica: At least 35 minutes!

David: So would you say that during the whole movie it would be good to kind of massage your feet, maybe massage your legs, maybe massage your hands?

Jessica: Yeah! If you start off with some nice small caressing, and then say, “I would like to give you a massage, do you want one?” of course I’m going to say yes!

David: So they’ve given you a massage while you’re watching the TV, and now the movie is over. Now it’s time to take it to the bedroom. How would you describe the perfect way to continue this to keep you in the mood you’ve been in during the movie?

Jessica: Saying something like, “hey, this was just a warm up massage, I’ll give you the real thing, with massage oil or lotion,” in fact, David has told me about this great candle that he uses when he has a special guest.

David: The candle is called Jimmy Jane. Go to and check it out. It is a candle that comes in six different fragrances, and all of the fragrances are very sexual in nature.

Jessica: That sounds amazing if we were not sitting in this coffee shop right now i would jump you:)

David: Thanks and I always wondered what it would be like if you jumped me:) Ok…back to the candles here. They’re all very sexual and sensual in nature. There is a spout on the candle so you can actually pour the hot oil and wax all over your lover’s body. You light the candle, and then pour the oil on them, but the oil is not really hot when it touches them…

Jessica: Wow that is super hot. I once had a guy drip hot wax all over my body.

David: How did it make you feel?

Jessica: Hot! It’s really sexy, and sexual, and it very much put me in the mood. It was great because the fragrance of that candle that he used was very strong and it definitely helps arouse your senses – I’m getting aroused right now just thinking about it!

David: I think you were born aroused!! So you love when there’s a lot of hot oil, a lot of touching, and a lot of rubbing?

Jessica: YES!

David: You like the constant attention…

So let’s say the guy is massaging you – this is something that a lot of men don’t understand – many men will perform oral sex but they don’t really understand how to do the right kind of oral sex. It’s not just the way you lick! Share with the guys what they need to be doing with their hands in order to get a woman to climax really strong.

Jessica: You need to start off by stroking our legs at the same time, and I like it when the guy looks up at me. I also like it when… well, I don’t know what else to call it besides human vibrator! When a guy, like, hums? What would you call it?

David: You mean like vibrate your mouth?

Jessica: Yes, vibrate your mouth – that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. When a guy vibrates his mouth on me – that feels really good. And then you should slowly take one of your fingers and put it inside of me. Then give it a little bit more pressure, and do it a little bit deeper and move it around inside a bit more, to try to touch my walls and find my G-spot. That’s really hot.

David: And so let me ask you a question – there’s one hand inside, and the way the tongue is moving the other hand should be using those oils, and massaging what? Where should they be rubbing?

Jessica: All over! My inner thigh, my stomach, my hips, my breasts, my neck – and stop every once in awhile and talk to me, too. Keep using your finger, but you can talk and tell me how good I taste, and how turned on you are, and how much you want me – all of that good stuff!

David: So if a guy does all that, how much harder are you going to cum, and how much more are you going to desire him?

Jessica: Both, very much more so! I’m going to cum super-hard, and first of all, I’m going to pull you over and return the favor! I’m also going to want to come back for more… and more and more!

David: So for a guy to get really good head from a woman, he should pay attention to all of these little things. If he does this with every woman he’s with, he should be getting some amazing head, shouldn’t he?

Jessica: Absolutely. And you know, what goes around comes around – literally!

David: I agree, and I have to tell you, a lot of guys think that they’re doing it right just by licking her clit, but there are definitely different pressures you can use to lick her clit. A lot of women like things differently, as well – there are some women that love hard pressure at the top, there are some women who love it super hard and fast towards the end.

Jessica: I like it when am man tells me to spread my lips for them and hold them too.

David: Yeah that’s very erotic. Tell me why you think that’s so erotic, so men can learn.

Jessica: Well, I’ve only had one man tell me that! I think it’s naughty. I like to be bossed around, maybe not everyone would, but I do, and it’s all in the way a man says it. It really makes me feel like i am with a strong powerful man. I am not talking being mean or anything, but strong erotic talk and telling me what to do sexually is super super hot!

David: So you like being bossed around?

Jessica: Yes!

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Todays video is all about how to become a master at the sly smile. Did you know that this sly smile worked on a very famous actress that I met the other day. She may have been Paris Hilton or she may have been Kate Hudson.

But only I know who she was and the smile and conversation was a trip….this works on all women whether a famous celebrity or the girl next door!