Here is the thing about the Cube Method: in order to use a pick-up line that contrived, you have to be the Cube Man the entire time.

So you can sell her the Cube Method or the “pick a number between one and ten” method or the ring finger method – or whatever bullshit it is – but the problem arises when you exchange phone numbers with her and have to take the next step.

From then on, she’s expecting Ring Finger Man and Cube Man to take her on a date, and then you show up!

Sure, women are looking for a bad boy. So I tell every good guy out there that if they want to learn how to be the bad boy, they have to learn how to kiss, learn foreplay, learn how to touch her, and when you have sex with her, you satisfy her better than anybody else ever has or will.

Most of these bad boys are pump and dumpers. All they want is another notch in their bedpost, and to get off. They are no different then masturbating monkeys at the zoo.

So if you want to go and connect with a woman, when you kiss her, you create so much sexual tension that she feels it. You learn how to do dirty text and how to talk to her on the phone. You learn how to seduce her mind.

And then when you have sex with her, you know how to have sex with her and give her orgasms – both clitoral and G-spot orgasms!

She will talk about you and say, “my boyfriend is the nicest guy, and I can’t stop cumming!”

Most guys that I know that are supposed ‘players’ are the worst in bed. I talk sex with them and they have no clue. They are total minutemen. They don’t even know what foreplay is!

So it doesn’t take a ridiculous persona – you don’t have to act like anything that you aren’t. You have to know that you can sexually please any woman. If you know that, you are a hundred steps more evolved than any bad boy.