I want you to try something different today. Actually, I think this is something we should really try to do every single day.

Do you know what would be cool, fun and different? What if there was a day where everyone was open and honest with each other?

So instead of playing games — wondering if someone likes you, being in the friend zone or wondering what to say to someone to ask them out — why not for one day be open and honest with our crushes. Why not walk up to the person we’re most attracted to and just be honest?

Say you’re driving down the street and you see a beautiful woman (or man) at a bus stop. You think to yourself, “She is so beautiful!” You roll down your window, look and her and say, “You know, I just wanted to tell you that you are really beautiful.” Just say it. Give her the compliment.

This is something that was written about in the book Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success. In that book it says that every day you should be paying people random compliments, and giving them without anticipating or expecting an outcome.

The problem is that so many people are so outcome-derived. They don’t want to just pay a compliment. They expect something in return.

What’s too bad is that those people don’t understand how the world works. If you’re open and honest and pay people genuine and heartfelt compliments, then guess what happens? You’re actually going to get an outcome better than you imagined.

You might spark an attraction, because you are going to ignite an emotion in people by the way you are talking to them. People are very able to distinguish between people who are genuine and those who aren’t genuine. People who are so outcome driven — always wanting to know what to say next and always anticipating instead of really listening and being honest and real — don’t get the outcome they are trying so hard to get.

So I challenge all of you today to go out there and pay a real, heartfelt compliment to the first person about whom you notice something amazing. Don’t do it to get any outcome. Just do it. Then watch how people feel and react to you. You’re going to learn something amazing from just this one little exercise.