ChristinaSo many times I get emails from women, and they lead into their email with something like, “Hey David. I’m a 45 year old woman, but I don’t look 45.” Or, “I’m a 55 year old woman but I’m young at heart.” Or my favorite, “I’m 40 years old, but guys always think I’m in my 20’s”

Why do you think you need to lead like that? Why do you think I need to know that?

Nobody thinks they look their age really. Here’s the deal. I’m a certain age. I look great for my age, but I’m still a certain age so it doesn’t matter if people think I look 15 years younger. All that matters is I look great for my age. And that’s the mindset you need to get a grasp of. You’re never going to turn the clock back. It’s wonderful someone thinks you’re younger, but you’re leading with your age, because somewhere deep down you’re fearful you’re too old to meet someone.

Whenever someone leads with their age it conveys to me you’re scared. You’re terrified there’s nothing left for you. When you say, “I’m a youthful 45 year old.” What those words really say to me is, “I’m a youthful 45 year old and I can’t seem to find men in my age range who are youthful, and I don’t think they’d desire me anyway. The only guys who hit on me are far younger and just want sex.

Are YOU worried age is stopping you meeting a man?

Sex appeal has no age. Sex appeal as no limit. And sex appeal as no boundaries. Age means nothing. It’s how long you’ve been alive and on the earth and nothing more. How many times have you met women in their 20’s and 30’s who are stunning to look at, but they convey no confidence and no sex appeal. It doesn’t matter how they look. They have no appeal whatsoever.

Take a look at Christy Brinkley. She just took some new photos for Sports Illustrated or one of those magazines. She’s 60 years old and she completely rocks. She looks amazing, but she conveys a confidence and sex appeal. She tapped into her inner sexuality. She tapped into who she is as a woman. She doesn’t have to lead with anything. The next time you write to me, I just want you to tell me this. “I’m a 45 year old, amazing, kick-ass, beautiful woman. I know I can attract amazing men.”

And what I’ll tell you is to open up your core sexuality, learn how to flirt, and learn how to turn a man on with just a look. You need confidence in who you are at the present moment. Embrace your age ladies, and thank God you look great whatever age you are!