So the other night after getting out of a massage, I went to grab some dinner to take home at a nearby restaurant. It was a cute and quiet little vegan restaurant that a lot of people go to on a date. It’s one of those places that have only about seven tables in the whole restaurant, so it’s a great place to bring a date.

So as I was sitting there waiting for my dinner, I was watching all the people interact and I was looking for the train wreck. I know if there are seven tables with seven dates going on at those tables, that there is at least one train wreck happening. It always seems to be the guy who doesn’t realize he’s in a train wreck.

Sure enough, a dating train wreck happened right in front of me. There was this couple sitting there. There was a little chit chat going back and forth between them. It looked like they only had coffee.

So the check comes, and immediately the woman whipped out her credit card as fast as she possibly could and said, “I’ll get it.” The guy said, “Really?” and she says, “Yeah, I got it, I got it.” She wanted out of there fast.

So he says, “I’ll get the tip.” At that moment he probably sensed something was wrong, but he obviously didn’t totally get it because after they sat there in silence he tried to get the conversation flowing again.

He quickly whipped out his credit card and said, “Look we have the same credit card.” Saying that really goes to show you that the conversation wasn’t flowing at all, because that was the best thing he could come up with to try and save the conversation.

You can’t save a date once the other person has already determined that they don’t want to be with you anymore. There is no way to save it.

Dating A Trainwreck

At that moment with that couple, there was nothing but awkward silence. She kept looking around because she couldn’t wait for the waiter to come and pick up her credit card. She kept playing with her credit card and playing with the bill. He just sat there spacing out and totally oblivious.

Finally the waiter came and picked up her credit card. As soon as the waiter returned with the check and she signed it, they got up and walked out.

As they were walking out, he started to initiate more chit chat with her. He was trying again to save that date. She was very nice and sweet. She smiled and listened, but she knew the date was over.

It’s funny. A lot of people the day after a date like this wonder what went wrong. They will wake up saying to themselves, “I had a great date,” and they will actually call that person again.

When you are on a date, you must pay attention to the details. You need to pay attention to the other person’s body language as the date is coming to an end.

How do they react when the check comes? Do they act like they can’t wait to get out of there — like they are leaving the scene of an accident?

This guy didn’t stand a chance of going out with that woman again. There was no way that woman was ever going to agree to go out with him again.

I just wanted to talk to him after the end of the date and ask him what he was thinking. Judging by the way he was carrying on trying to save it, I don’t think he even noticed that she wasn’t at all into the date. I think he probably thought there were some awkward silences, but that overall the date went fine.

You guys need to start paying attention to the details. The next time you call a woman after a date and she doesn’t call you back, think back to the date and ask yourself if she had any of the mannerisms like this woman had.

You can learn a lot through your dates. Sometimes a date doesn’t go well just because you might not have any chemistry together. Other times, you might be on a dating train wreck.