I woke up this morning thinking that I could really use a new FWB.

You know, a “friend with benefits”.

To me, a friend with benefits is like a rent-a-girlfriend.

They’re great.  You’re in love for whatever time you’re together, you have great sex, and then when you’re apart you don’t have to think about them, call them, text them, or do anything.

When I was younger, an FWB was somebody that I could just bang, I didn’t want to have any intimate connection with them at all, I just wanted to have sex.  That’s all I wanted.  I wanted to just have pure physical, animalistic sex and not get to know them really on a deeper level.

But as you age or as you grow, especially as a man, you tend to want more because you do like that feeling of intimacy, that connection with another person, that connection with their soul.

You can’t really do just the superficial side of sex.

You won’t be fulfilled.

I guess you could say maybe I’ve become more like a woman as I got older, needing more feminine things.

Now I’m not going to walk around with a pair of panties on and I’m not going to shave my legs, but I do want more connection, more emotion.

So today I want to ask all of you: what do you look for in your friends with benefits? Is it just something physical or is it something a little more intimate?

I want to hear from you today.