Happy Easter to all of you!!

Figured you may appreciate a good laugh after hanging with the family all day.

Hope the Easter bunny treated you well, and you enjoyed those gooey gross Cadbury Easter Eggs!

You know what’s funny? Ideas come at the weirdest times.

Recently I was about to jump into a spin class. Spin class is where you go absolutely nowhere on a stationary bike for 45 minutes. It’s fun though, especially when they yell “hill!” and you get to climb up a hill that’s not really a hill and it’s always the same person in front of you.

Anyway, as I was getting ready for class — adjusting the seat on my bike, listening to the music — I hear these two girls next to me talking. One of them says, “Are you insane?!”

I love that term. I’m waiting for someone to answer that question and say, “Yes, I’m schizophrenic with a borderline personality” or “No, I have Tourette’s Syndrome — f^*k sh*t bitch!”

Are you insane?! I mean, what a weird thing to say.

What would the person say if someone answered that question and said, “Actually I’m manic depressive right now. I forgot to take my meds today.”

Some of the phrases in life are just so bizarre. Are you insane? “Yes, I’m absolutely certifiably crazy. I just went to a shrink and she said I was a schizo.”

It’s so funny the phrases that become part of our vocabulary. What are your favorite phrases that people use that really should have a funnier response than just “yes?”