Love triangleI’m about to reveal what a “Preview Date” is, and why you need to avoid them at all costs. You know when you go to the movies and the previews come on. You see what new movies are coming out, and you sit there thinking, “Wow, I’d rather see that than the movie I’m waiting for now!”

So what do you do?

You sit watching the movie you’re in, but in the back of your mind, you’re already looking forward to the next one. You even mark down its release date in your diary. You go to the preview weekend, and you’re excited. It’s a great movie, but you know what?

There was a preview for another movie and you can’t wait to see that one next too!

A lot of people are the same when it comes to relationships. It’s funny how many times I’ve gone out with women who have a boyfriend, yet they still go on a so-called “friend date” with me. It’s clear they’re just seeing whether they prefer me to their boyfriend.

They don’t even tell me they have a boyfriend most the time until I ask them for a second date. Then they say, “I need to tell you something. I have a boyfriend, but I still want to see you. Let’s go out tomorrow night.”

I’m thinking to myself, if they’re seeing me a couple of times in a week when do they see the boyfriend?

Do you know what they’re doing?

They’re hunting and searching for their next potential boyfriend. Let’s be honest, if women weren’t interested in me as a potential boyfriend, they wouldn’t be going out with me in the first place. So many people do it. And it’s men and women. They’re constantly looking for the next best thing, when they should be concentrating on loving the one they’re with.

So many times women have given me their number, started texting me, talking to me, going on dates with me, and then telling me they’ve split with their boyfriend. Women are notorious for this. Some are always shopping for the next man.

If you’re in a relationship and you meet a cool guy you want to meet up with, you need to be honest with yourself. Very rarely is it because he’s a cool guy and you just want to make a new friend. If it’s ever happened to me when I was with someone, it was because I wasn’t happy in the relationship I was in, and I wanted attention from someone else.

Let’s be truthful with each other today. We want attention from someone else when we’re not happy. So the next time you’re in a relationship, and you say “yes” to a hot guy for a friend date, be real. Look at yourself and ask yourself are you really looking for a new friend, or a new lover?

Are you just being social or are you not satisfied with the relationship you’re in?

Do an inventory in your relationship, and figure out what you need to do, because it’s not fair to any of you in your self-made love triangle if you’re not completely honest, open, and upfront about the whole thing.